1. S

    Van-dwelling in Wildfire season - fan/vents and air filters

    Hey folks! Despite owning a 2005 Sprinter for over three years and living in it for much of the last two, I've somehow only now just discovered this forum... I'm curious, how are all of you other van-dwellers on the west coast are dealing with wildfire season? The smoke's starting to get pretty...
  2. Colecooper100

    2003 T1N delayed start

    Hey everyone, Newer T1N owner here, and I seem to have a pretty unique problem. Every once in a while, I'll turn off the engine for a short time (getting gas, stopping to look at directions, etc.) it won't immediately start back up. The engine will just keep cranking and won't turn over. I'll...
  3. D


    2003 Freightliner 2500 Sprinter extra-long. I totally screwed up bye opening up bleed screw on fuel filter. :frown:Then I further screwed up trying to bleed air out of the fuel lines.:bash: 3 plastic fittings were so brittle that they broke off when trying to loosen them.:yell: Changed filter...
  4. T

    Gasket on plastic tube on air box output tube?

    When I loosen the hose clamp and remove the airbox end of the airbox-to-turbo hose, I see that there's a little groove on the MAF sensor housing where it hooks onto on the airbox. Is there supposed to be a gasket in that groove? Because there isn't on mine. Likely parts searches have been...
  5. Andy at Focallocal

    WVO - bypass the stock filter or not?

    It seems my 311 CDI has been struggling because the new after market fuel filter i fitted couldnt handle WVO and Diesel going through it. I've purchased a brand new Bosch filter without the sensors, which should work avoid many of the issues, but the guy i found on the Ukrainian Sprinter...
  6. B

    2012 sprinter 2500 fuel injector to fuel heater plastic clip broken!!!!

    I was doing a fuel filter change on my 2012 sprinter 2500 yesterday and took everything out and realized they gave me the wrong filter at napa. I needed the filter with the heater built into the fuel filter. Well.... I went to put everything back together and last thing I reattached was the...
  7. bg101

    Air Filter Replacement Video

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