1. A

    Sold $170 MaxxFan Deluxe 6200K Smoke, in box

    Retails for $300, asking $180. New in box because we bought it for the build but didn't end up using it, priced to move so we don't have to store it anymore. Located in Alhambra CA, pick up or local delivery preferred but can ship if the shipping fee is covered by buyer.
  2. L

    Vent with no fan

    I have a 170 Sprinter van with RV conversion. There is a front mounted Maxxaire Deluxe fan. I would like to add a vent in the rear end of the roof over the bed. I don't see the need for this vent to have a fan, nor do I want to have to fish in a new wire to power it. Is there a comparable...
  3. XYZdayz

    Any downsides to using eternabond tape on the roof longterm?

    I am redoing a 2005 sprinter van roof after discovering leaks in the seams and around fans, skylight and vents. After reinstalling everything, applying sealants (Diacor around the fan and skylight and sikaflex 221 on the seams), I am considering covering the sealants with eternabond tape as an...
  4. XYZdayz

    Installing a fan and skylight when there are square metal frames welded underneath the roof skin???

    Any suggestion for this fan and skylight install? There is a 1 -1/2" square metal tube frame welded into the roof supports around the 14"x 14" roof penetration for the fan (also for a skylight) I bought a frame adapter for the roof ribs and the instructions says "you only want the screw to...
  5. XYZdayz

    Gap in frame underneath skylight and fan

    Hi Any suggestions on what to do about a gap between a steel frame underneath the fan and skylight opening and the metal roof? Because of past leaks, I am completely redoing the roof and ceiling. (ugh) When I eventually screw down the skylight or fan frame seems the metal roof would flex down...
  6. M

    Fan Not Working

    So I installed my fan as one of the first things in my build. Finally getting my electrical all hooked up, I tested my fan and it won't start. I tried testing to see if the fan would start using a drill's battery and that didn't work. I swapped out the fuse...that didn't work. Any other...
  7. S

    Van-dwelling in Wildfire season - fan/vents and air filters

    Hey folks! Despite owning a 2005 Sprinter for over three years and living in it for much of the last two, I've somehow only now just discovered this forum... I'm curious, how are all of you other van-dwellers on the west coast are dealing with wildfire season? The smoke's starting to get pretty...
  8. K

    Install rear door fans from pikavo?

    Hello, I’d love to hear from anyone who has installed the Pikavo RVF Fan system. Looks pretty cool, especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to cut my roof open :) I’m wondering how strong the fans are, and likes/dislikes...
  9. B

    Just beginning! Advice appreciated

    We just picked up our new 2019 144 cargo yesterday, got an insane deal and we are thrilled to begin! I have read and watched and endless amount of vanlife content...but somehow I feel like I want to double check that I’m on the right track with my order. 1 - maxfan holes/instal rails? 2 -...
  10. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 RB Components - Roof Vent Cover - $40.00 (Atlanta, GA)

    Brand NEW! RB Components Roof Vent Cover This items fits roof vents with a 14" x 14" opening Includes snaps and screws for installation Asking $40.00
  11. J

    Location of second fan: floor or roof?

    I installed a fantastic fan on the rear part of the roof. Since the Sprinter (T1N) doesn't have windows, a second vent (more like a whole with a net) is necessary for wind flow. Would you recommend a floor or roof vent? The ceiling seems more common, but think about it, a floor vent -...
  12. J

    Floor vent

    Can anyone share their experiences using/making floor vents? I'm debating between a DIY hole with a screen or a 6" deck plate. I like the idea of DIY because I want the removable piece to be insulated and blend in with the flooring when not in use. But the deck plate just seems a tad easier to...
  13. J

    Fans and Ventilation

    Any recommendations for the best fan/vent setup for a 144" cargo? I spend a lot of time in the south and am worried about warmer temps. Will definitely have one good fan, but am trying to avoid windows for stealth reasons. Would two fans in a 144" help (with 200-300 watts of solar) or would...
  14. K

    Cabin fan resister #REPD191803. Fan runs with or without

    My fan has only been working in two settings #2 & #4, changed the resister, no change in operation. I left the resister out and my operation remains the same. Anyone have any thoughts on what to check next?
  15. S

    Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Transparency Comparison

    I originally bought a Maxxfan vent fan with the white hood but wasn't happy with the light that it let through so I replaced it with a smoked hood. While I had the hoods (covers, lids) off, I took some photos to try and show how they compare as I (surprisingly) couldn't find a comparison on the...
  16. J

    Ventilation Fan- Do I need exhaust and intake options?

    I am working on my 2006 Sprinter conversion, and I am researching which ventilation fan to buy. It seems like most people like the Fan-tastic and MaxxAir fans. I understand why it is important to have the fan to pull air out (exhaust), but I am wondering if it is worth the extra money to have...
  17. N

    Options for vent/fan in T1N EB with Heavy Duty Roof A/C

    Hi guys, My fiance and I just bought a 2004 Sprinter T1N EB, high roof, originally a passenger van with a separate Heavy Duty A/C unit that covers most of ceiling. The unit was add-on in 2004, stated on new purchase tag (~$3000) and runs great when engine running. Problem is no cooling when...
  18. Andy at Focallocal

    Radio + sometimes heater not working until I've driven 30mins. Strange issue just sta

    Hi. My radio started throwing a DC error for about 30mins after the engine starts, after which it's fine. Then the internal fan started sporadically doing the same. Neither are a huge issue, I'm just worried and thinking I should sort it now as they seem to be related and the issue seems to be...
  19. S

    Viscous Fan storage

    I need to replace my viscous fan. I notice in most posts on the subject the we are told to store it vertically, otherwise it will fail. Is this advice from Mercedes? The thing is, are they always kept vertically in the container they arrive in from China / Taiwan / Germany? Ditto in the...
  20. D

    Can't RESTART for at least 10 minutes

    Sprinter Does Not Start When I try to start my 2004 Dodge 3500 Sprinter with 189,000 miles, the glow plug light stays on and the radiator fan comes on and the vehicle won't start. It will start every morning or if it seems to be cold. If I drive for 30 minutes or longer and then turn off...

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