1. C

    Adding a Hydronic Coolant Heat

    2014 35000 LWB Ext I picked up a D5 hydronic heater mainly for hot water (using a heat exchanger) and cabin heat in the back but I would like to tie it into the block as well for engine preheating. Also stops me from having to add an additional reservoir/expansion chamber. However it extremely...
  2. G

    Diesel Heater for Air and Water in the Insulated Space

    I am a new user and find the search feature of vbulletin challenging. I'm sure this has been answered in posts before...I just can't find it. I have a 2018 3500 4x4 170" that I am beginning a DIY camper build on. I will use it extensively in the winter months, and am trying to figure out an...
  3. P

    Espar Heater Help?!

    Ok guys. I had to order a new wiring harness from Heatso for my Espar D2 Heater. The last one wasn’t receiving any power towards the heater. I’ve installed the newest wiring heater and I can confirm power is running through this kit. I’m installing my EasyStart Remote + but for some reason it...
  4. StanStill

    Espar won't start

    Hey everyone, I have an Espar D2 and have used it for the past 2.5 years without any major problems. Last night I tired turning it on and nothing happened. I mean nothing at all, the heater or the fuel pump didn't make a sound. The weird thing is the digi-max 1000 controller is working...
  5. A

    Espar d2 vs d4?

    I am preparing my 170" extended high top sprinter for conversion. It is insulated with natural wool. As a skier I will be living in it in for weeks on end in below freezing conditions... torn between the d2 or the d4 diesel heater. Many people seem to lean towards the d2, though I wonder if...
  6. P

    ESPAR sanity check

    Looking for a quick read on if I'm interpreting the troubleshooting instructions correctly. Have read through all the various threads, etc. Here's the specifics: 06 T1N passenger with aux heat, REST & 7 day timer. (Also rear heat) ESPAR was working fine a year or more ago, but we don't use it...
  7. K

    Espar d2 trouble, thermostat not shutting down

    Alright . I have a newly intalled espar d2 and it runs great! :idunno: Maybe too good. It never seams to reach a temp and turn down the output? It cooks us out of our van in and hour or so I have the easy select controler. And am not sure where to start. Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Jody

    Problems with a D1-lc in a T1n

    Recebnty fitted a used Eberspacher / Espar D1-LC in my sprinter camper. It seems to run fine for a couple of days but now is playing up. It starts up fine and runs for a few minutes, then fuel pump cuts out and it cools itself down, then never fires up again. I am aware they are finicky for...
  9. A

    Appropriate heat for Montana winter?

    Researching heating options for when the vehicle is off during cold weather camping. Considering a diesel heat source, although I was wondering if anyone could give a shout about a decent propane setup. My main concern with these is of course ventilation (currently no roof fan or anything)...
  10. W

    Actual experience with Chinese Espar clones?

    Does anyone out there have any actual experience buying and/or installing one of the Chines Espar clones, either air or hydronic? I see them advertised as Belief Parking Heaters. I can't afford a new Espar and can't find a cheap used one. Would the Belief be an acceptable alternative? Please no...
  11. P

    adding an additional fuel port for espar D2

    I've been talking with Sportsmobile about my factory options for a 2015 Cargo Van. I want to order the Factory H12 Heat Pkg., so I'll have a pre-heater with remote control. But I also wanted sportsmobile to install a Espar D2 air heater. They tell me if I order an Auxiliary heater from the...
  12. J

    Espar Heaters

    I just purchase a Espar D2 and I'm still deciding a location, how loud are they Ive seen video and most were used without ducting. How many decibel would you say they are with ducting? Also between Espar and wabasto which brand is best for air heat? I have a source for both that I will post...
  13. C

    Espar D2 diesel heater installation in a 2013 NCV3

    Installing an Espar D2 heater in our Sprinter camper van was something we almost skipped. With 20/20 hindsight and many sub-freezing nights logged on this road trip, it is officially one of our favorite things in the van. (For more background on our full build-out, check out the adventure mobile...
  14. P

    Bunk Heater and Block Heater Advice Needed

    I have a 2006 high-top shorty (114") Dodge Sprinter and have been spending summers in it. Now I want to get it up to snuff for cold environments! I've been searching for a Wabasto or an Espar internal heater and am having a hard time finding one. Any ideas on where to go for...
  15. M

    Aux Heater Clicking, No Heat Output

    First, I am unsure exactly which aux heater I am dealing with. I have a 2004 118WB Passenger Van, that was a Costar research van set up as a mobile office. When I turn on the Aux heater from the 7 day timer, everything works as it should, except I don't get any heat. I do hear a clicking...
  16. M

    Booster heater; How to run without engine?

    Has anyone figured out how to run the booster heater without having the engine running?:idunno:
  17. D

    Webasto or Espar Air heater under passenger seat in 2011 Passenger Van?

    Has anyone installed one of these heaters under the passenger seat in a passenger van model? I have seen the threads for non-passenger models (which I believe do not have the built in toe kick for second row passengers) and it seems to work well. Basically it seems like the unit would have to...

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