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  1. X

    Espar Questions & Keeping Cool in Summer

    Greetings all, I am in the planning stages of designing my own custom sprinter :rad: and I have a few questions about Espar heating. I am currently overseas and my internet is not the greatest :thumbdown:, but even so I have read many of your guys posts and before I get into my question I want...
  2. B

    Espar Locked out?

    2006 passenger 170 Of course i waited till the eve of the coldest night in Maine so far. Booster heater not making any sound at all. Have not tried it prior to today. I have done my homework and know their are a lot of reasons for this. The one i know the least about is being "locked out". Can...
  3. Aqua Puttana

    REST/Booster Engine Pre-heat with DPDT Switch Modification

    REST/Booster Engine Pre-heat with DPDT Switch Modification ******************* Edit: In case there is anyone who reads further down and begins to question whether this circuit will work... The DPDT Switch circuit I designed and provide in this post will work as advertised. Any discussion...
  4. Aqua Puttana

    Some 2004 Espar Heater Notes

    This is not really a Write-up, but not just a question either so I'll include it in Database for any information it provides. There are many other references and tips found in the Database section too. See also The Espar Files bc339...

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