espar d5 hydronic

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    Need some guidance on eberspacher diesel heater

    Hey there and thanks in advance for any guidance here, I am working on converting a 2007 mega roof lwb to a campervan, and this has been a pretty daunting task, as my strengths and weaknesses are both intertwined in this project. So, I purchased this...
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    Espar D5S install question - wiring heater fan

    Hello, Hello fellow sprinter folks! I'm installing an Espar D5S Hydronic II and am wonder how everyone else wired theirs. I have a 2016 Cargo... 1) Did you bring the wiring harness up through the driver's seat wire access hole? If not, where? 2) Did you install the heater fan wiring...
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    2013 170" high roof van build

    Just thought I would document some of my van build since reading what others have done has been helpful to me. We got the van as an incredible deal even though we weren't really looking for one but since it fell into our lap how could we say no. That said we don't have a huge budget for the...
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    Espar D5 in NCV3

    I have a 2010 2500 that I am doing a RV conversion. I bought a Espar D5 off of ebay last winter to do engine preheat but mostly to power my marine water heater and coolant run space heater in the back. I tried both local Mercedes dealers,Dodge dealer and several independents and none would...

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