ecm programming

  1. M

    Ecm/ecu/computer swap 2004 0m16

    Hi guys, Pooter is fried on my and need to replace and struggling to track one down. Found one for a reasonable price for the whole setup (key, barrel, skreem, ecu) but it’s a manual transmission and mine is a sprintshift. Had conflicting info about it. Will it work? Can I get it to work or...
  2. mrtimholmes

    Dpf delete questions.

    Hello and thank you for the info in advance... just bought a 08 dodge sprinter v6, it Has 155k on it..bought my delete pipe today from rawtek inc....researching the ECM programing... #1 should i send in the ECM to get it programmed somewhere...or #2 is there a programmer i can connect to my ODB...

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