1. painej

    Exhaust back pressure and DPF pressure differential data

    I own a 2007 Dodge Sprinter, 3.0 L V6 (diesel) engine, with just a tad over 300k mi. The CEL is lit. Using the Autel 808, the code is P2626 with no other codes. I just did a test drive while recording exhaust back pressure and differential pressure at differing engine speeds. I've done a pretty...
  2. C

    DPF failure at only 22,000 miles?

    We just bought a 2016 Sprinter that was converted into a 2017 Pleasure Way Plateau TS. It only has 22,000 miles on it. While driving it home from North Carolina to Florida, the Check Engine light came on and then the ESP light, and a bunch of other alarms and messages. Took it to the Mercedes...
  3. G

    DPF always goes up to 100 percent before starting regen

    New and first time owner of a 2019 2500 170 extended roof sprinter. My DPF won't start regen until it gets all the way to 100 percent and then it starts. I don't know how to do a manual one. There reaky aren't any instructions on the 2019 how to do a forced regen. I tried everything. But the dpf...
  4. C

    Professional Tuning ..Emulators .. Deletes ..STAGE 1? Ncv3 2010+

    Hi Guys, I have a NCV3 2011 sprinter with 200k miles and I had a check engine for def heater(I had it for over 2 year and finally got to fixing it ) so I replaced it with a brand new factory oem unit codes cleared but soon afterwords i was awarded with a limited starts message . Coincidently it...
  5. 1

    NCV3: 2006-2018 3.0 Turbo w. Actuator & DPF off 09 3500

    For sale is a used Garrett Turbo with electronic actuator that was working when removed. Engine was making noise, I thought it was the turbo, it was not. Ended up being lifters and timing chain. Not sure of the mileage/hours on this turbo. I bought the Sprinter in 2015 with 98k, sold in 2018...
  6. G

    CEL code P2457

    My 2008 Dodge/Sprinter Class C (42,000 miles) has thrown the dreaded P2457 + P040B fault codes indicating issues with exhaust gas cooling EGR system. After reading internet information for hours, I am better informed.... but still not sure about a fix. We have not experienced any performance...
  7. K

    DPF question - regen cycles

    My previous vehicle was a RAM Ecodiesel. If I drove it around town and not the freeways, I'd get a DPF at 80% message, and it'd tell me to drive at highway speeds to remedy. While I drove, I saw the amount go down to less than 20% and all was well. A few days ago I brought my 2017 Sprinter...
  8. D

    ID Parts has DPFs and other things

    Hi- I hope that this is an appropriate place to post this. I have been using ID Parts in Hingham, Ma (IDparts.com) to supply me with parts for my 2004 VW diesel Jetta wagon for years. They have oem and upgrade parts with fast shipping and just all around helpful, friendly service. They have...
  9. ecowhale

    EGR, DPF Sensors, Cleaning and Code Issues

    2007 Dodge Sprinter 3.0 Diesel with 165,000 miles. Current Persistent Code: P040D Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Temperature Sensor A Circuit High. Chronology of events that lead to current engine light and code P040D: The engine light came on, OBD reader said P0544 exhaust sensor 1. I...
  10. A

    adblue issues

    hey i have a customer with a 2013 sprinter 156 k miles originally came in for safety check before his deliveries codes P18BC00 AND P16CF00 are present im using a Xentry i can not re set adaptation values for the upper SCR temp sensor i have already replace all sensorts pertaining to the...
  11. L

    Sprinter DPF issues

    Hi there, Is anybody aware of sprinter vans having DPF issues? Our company fleet currently uses Peugeot Boxer and we have had no issues so far and are considering a Sprinter but have heard of Sprinters DPF clogging because of high gear ratios not allowing the DPF to regenerate? Thanks in...
  12. VClass

    EGR & DPF issues again

    Hi everyone! Just joined this forum... hope I am welcome here as a Mercedes Vito owner - not really a Sprinter at all! My Vito has the OM642 3.0 V6 Diesel, quite an unusual engine for this vehicle but from what I can see much used on the Sprinter, in Europe as well as USA. Have not been...
  13. A


    if the dosing valve is not spraying or not spraying enough def fluid will the DPF clog ? or if it sprays too much?
  14. A

    ncv1 plausabilty error

    2011 mb sprinter 2500 code 118900 ncv1 plausibility error does that mean the computer is bad?
  15. A

    2011 mb sprinter loss of power

    2011 mb sprinter 2500 loss of power heres the codes p2463 #07e8. P2bad p246b p042d p170400 p11d700 p13af00 p11a700 p106100 9013 4d2e 90a6 9100 customer was stuck in california dealer took a look at it verified dpf of good so is the cat they said it could be a knock sensor but they cleared the...
  16. J

    DPF sensor fix

    Hi I have read elsewhere about removing a (UK) DPF, connecting the sensor pipes together then using a resistor to tell the sensor that there is still a DPF present. Does anyone have any information about this ? (and the value of the resistor needed) Thanks Jules
  17. R

    Sprinter DPF Service Kits - Lower Mainland, BC

    Reflow Solutions is a diesel particulate filter (DPF) specialist based out of Port Coquitlam, BC. We clean, recondition, test and install service kits for all types of DPF's including Sprinters. Service kits are installed to your existing Sprinter DPF to allow easy access to the core so proper...
  18. D

    NCV3 DPF Blocked

    Hi Guys, I have a 2008 311CDI with approx. 110,000km on the clock. Its never missed a beat up until last week when I noticed a miss on hard acceleration and it stalled twice, funnily enough both times as I pulled into the Mercedes dealer to pick up parts for another vehicle (I am a diesel...
  19. W

    The Regen Thread - Post your regen data here

    Ok this is now the official place to post your regen experiences. Make Model Year Odometer m or km please state Cat1 c or f please state Cat2 c of f please state Length of time Comments
  20. T


    HDfilters.com stocks a wide range of Road Warrior diesel particulate filters or DPF for model years 2007 and newer. These will fit medium duty trucks, buses and heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks. All diesel particulate filters are guaranteed to install as a direct fit part and work with your...

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