dpf cleaning

  1. D

    P0101 and then p242f 2008 sprinter

    Hi folks! I’ve been dealing with a couple codes that are worrying me on my 2008 sprinter 2500, 95k miles. Ive been traveling the last 4 months around the country with no problems, then parked the van in Cleveland for a week without running it. Came back and threw a p0101immediately upon turning...
  2. G

    DPF always goes up to 100 percent before starting regen

    New and first time owner of a 2019 2500 170 extended roof sprinter. My DPF won't start regen until it gets all the way to 100 percent and then it starts. I don't know how to do a manual one. There reaky aren't any instructions on the 2019 how to do a forced regen. I tried everything. But the dpf...
  3. C

    P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Ash Accumulation

    2012 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 - 192300mi Purchased the vehicle with 160000mi on it. Not sure if the DPF or the EGR valve were ever changed prior to me owning it. Error Code: P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Ash Accumulation My questions: 1. If the only code being called out is P242F what...
  4. Deancm

    My regular DPF cleaning experience

    This is my experience with a properly operating DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter, automatic cleaning process on a 2008 Mercedes Benz, NCV3 van with a 3 liter V6 engine. Between 54,000 and 61,000 miles it has averaged an automatic cleaning every 610 miles which takes about 10 miles to complete at...
  5. R

    Help...DPF Problem

    The Situation: Thanks in advance for any help. We are a small medical transport company and have been running sprinters for years. We have a 2012 BlueTech sprinter (230k miles) that lost like 90% ish of engine power (way worse then normal limp home mode). The other driver called me so I went...
  6. A

    Dpf cleaning

    what us the proper way to clean out the dpf filters on 2011+ mb sprinters 2500 besides doing a forced regen if anyone could help lmk please asap:smilewink:
  7. I

    First Post! - Interstate Filter Service

    Hey everyone! :D: This is officially my second post here on this forum! I just wanted to introduce myself and my company. My company is located in Baldwin Park, CA, and can save you guys lots of money on diesel particulate filters. We know how expensive it is to replace them, and we are...

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