1. S

    Going to install an auxiliary fuel tap - any advice?

    I'm going to install an auxiliary fuel tap today on my 05 T1N for use with an Espar D2 heater. Is there anything I should do to prepare? Anything I should know? I'm not generally a mechanical guy but since I built this campervan I'm going to DIY it. Here's my vague plan: Run my errands today in...
  2. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2x RB Components - Fender Box, Single Rear Wheel - North County San Diego

    Lightly Used with minor scratches - RB Components Fender Boxes for Single Rear Wheel Sprinters. Retail on these are $400 each. Asking $250 ea. or $400 for the pair. They are in great shape, but no longer fit in my build. Dimensions of each are 40"W x 10"D x 15"H. View these on website here...
  3. N

    2nd row seats in 3500 cargo van

    I have a 2008 Sprinter 3500 170"WB extended cargo van. I want to install 2 new captain seats in roughly the 2nd row position (currenly the cargo area). After I removed the cargo hold-down floor tracks and plywood floor, I see that the anchor bolts (M8-1.25 x 40?) seem to go right into the frame...
  4. S

    Sprinter Headliner Shelf Alternative for 2019 vans

    Hey guys, Some of you might already be familiar with the DIY Headliner Shelf Kit that we've been actively working on. I'm here to let you know that the 2019+ model is now available for purchase on the vancillary website, with an estimated stock date of March 27th. Included in the kit are CAD...
  5. B

    need help with sprinter aux heater

    hello I have a AUX heater on my sprinter van without a remote, I purchased it pre owned and I really would like to use the remote on my 500m walk every morning to get to the van. A6398200489 A6398200589 These are the part numbers I have found online, pretty sure that is the remote and...
  6. O

    Swivel Seat Alternative, DIY about $10

    I was thinking of getting swivel seats for my van but discovered a cheaper and better solution.:clapping: Originally I was using my boombox as complimentary stereo as my OEM MB head unit had no audio in plugs. I made a shelf for it from plywood and two angle brackets. I attached it to the back...
  7. B

    Winnebago ERA 170M,2017: Protect trunk light switch, organize rear storage

    (Sorry if the images don't appear cleanly... in preview it's showing a link instead of the images... a permissions issue with my account, maybe?) This is a review of things I've installed in my trunk previously, as well as some updated changes. I'm going to roll them all into one, but I didn't...
  8. G

    2013 2500 170WB Camper Build

    Hello All, Here are some of the pictures from my Camper build, I hope you like them. Our idea going in was to spend a bit extra on electrical (to be able to use tools), and then go cheaper on appliances.
  9. N

    Backpack 2.0 - A Climbing, Hiking, Paddling, Biking, Adventure-mobile

    Hey Sprinter Source! Allow me to introduce myself (as I am a chronic Lurker...). My name is Nate. My wife (Steph) and I gave up the 'typical' american dream and a job as a career firefighter, and her an accountant, about 4 years ago to leave the state where the sky tried to kill us multiple...
  10. S

    Sprinter Conversion Brain Dump

    Hey Everyone, Im pretty new to this forum and have spent hours and hours going over all the information available on this forum but I cant help but think I might be missing something. I was hoping that some of the seasoned forum members might be able to post some of the best build threads on...
  11. M

    DIY rear view camera

    Just spent total 3 hours over 2 days installing a rear view camera in my Roadtrek Sprinter. Parts purchased via Amazon (~75$ total) included the following: 7" monitor to mount over my mirror - wireless...
  12. mugget

    Composite Flooring: Waterproof, Rotproof, DIY

    Hi folks, Some of you may have seen a thread I started a little while ago exploring the options available for a waterproof, hose out interior. Well it's all done now so I thought I would post back with some details in case anyone else was interested or finds it useful. First up I needed a...
  13. S

    Newbie needs help with sleeper

    I've searched and come accross a few threads on here that were somewhat helpful, but not quite right. We just bought an '05 sprinter 2500shc 144" and will be using it for expediting as a two person team. There is no partition, just open space and we'd like to retain as much space as possible for...
  14. P

    Starter install

    Here is my problem. My 2004 2500 was having problems starting as soon as it got cold here in Colorado. It would eventually start but ran the battery all the way down and I usually needed to jump the van to get it started. I took it to a great mechanic, Linden Engineering in Golden Co. They...

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