1. E

    2020 Unity CB RR Storage Dimensions

    Hi All, Considering an LTV purchase! However, I need a secure spot to store my MTB. The Wonder RTB is a no-brainer but the seating capacity of 2 is a deal-breaker unfortunately. So... I'm wondering if anyone with a 2020 Unity CB (or RL) might be willing to measure their Right Rear storage...
  2. L

    Sprinter 170 Inside and Roof Dimensions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to continue planning my upcoming Sprinter 170 conversion while working overseas temporarily and I was wondering if anyone has a good set of dimensions that they have taken on their Sprinter 170s? I would go back to the dealer but am unable to at the moment being...
  3. C

    Detailed layout plans for conversion design

    Hey legends :rad:, I'm just starting to design my sprinter conversion. Just wondering where I can download detailed floor plans with dimensions of cargo space including a REAR view to match the shape of the inner space. Anyone can help me out? Also, I haven't bought the sprinter yet so my other...
  4. Verino

    140WB SHC 2500 Cargo Schematics

    I know I'm a little late to the dance with these, but I have some schematic drawings to offer to those who are interested in them. These are based on the drawings and spec sheet posted previously by JDCaples and Mike LaB (thank you!). I've got two different versions of each drawing - with and...
  5. R

    In search of Structural drawings for Sprinter extended

    Hi all, ... a newby here hoping for some info. i have purchased a Sprinter extended 2004 which has already been partially converted in that it has an inner lining and is carpeted throughout. I need to do more conversions but am in need of structural support drawing and dimensions to ensure all...
  6. NelsonSprinter

    General Specs of T1Ns Reference Chart

    Basic overall dimensions, specifications, capacities of North American Sprinters , reference chart http://www.media.chrysler.com/dcxms/assets/specs/2005SprinterSpecs.pdf

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