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    New Espar Install Error Code

    I just finished installing a brand new Espar S2 D2L heater in my sprinter. The install went smooth but when I went to fire up the heater for the first time it threw the following error code P000220. A quick search pulled up the following: I'm curious if anyone has run into this problem or...
  2. R

    Road Trek Battery Replacement Questions

    I have a 2016 Road Trek CS Adventurous XL. I have been told by the local Roadtrek dealer that all 4 of the EcoTrek L2 Lithium Batteries have bad cells. They want $2800 per battery bank plus labor at $159 an hour. No thank you. I am going to downsize from 800 Amps to 600 Amp capacity using...
  3. O

    Splitting your Auxiliary line for espar heater

    I have recently purchased the D2 heater with the sprinter kit to attach it to my auxiliary diesel connector directly to my fuel tank. my 2019 Sprinter that has come with a cold weather package integrated heater that is already hooked up to this auxiliary line. Does anyone have any good solutions...
  4. M

    Chinese Diesel Heater - Smoky Exhaust

    So I recently installed a chinese diesel heater for my van. I'm running it off of my Sprinter's Aux Line from the diesel tank. Today, I noticed a large amount of white exhaust coming out of the heater's exhaust pipe. Is my heater defective or is it a simple switch out of a part like the filter...
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