1. V

    Problem with 2014 2.1 Sprinter DEF Tank

    Hi, DEF tank on my 2014 2.1 4 cylinder went bad and I got countdowns and things. I have Xentry with SD Connect 4 and I was trying to do regen, but every time I start doing that process it starts from 159%, I assume that it doesn't do that, due to faulty DEF Tank, which has a problem with a...
  2. van_bae


    Hi there! I am VAN BAE also known as Alix and it is a pleasure to meet you all ;) I have been selling Mercedes-Benz Vans for almost 9 years in the Northeast, but not only do I sell vans, but I am an enthusiast who eat, sleeps, dreams, breathes VANS. I have a HUGE clientele, some of you may know...
  3. B

    Additive System Fault message?

    Has anyone seen this before? Manual says: "DEF is contaminated. Tank must be cleaned and refilled" I am suspicous it's something else in the DEF system - maybe a sensor???
  4. C

    Faulty codes - what's going on?

    We had a new stereo and back up camera professionally installed in our 2011 Freightliner Sprinter. Very soon after, codes started throwing about the DEF system. We have serviced and replaced everything indicated and the codes are still throwing. It's been to two dealerships and other mechanics...
  5. H

    Is it worth buying a 2010 that just had the DEF system repair?

    I'm going to see this van (2010 170ext 2500 122k mi) on Saturday and the owner indicated he just dumped 10k into it. "Everything got done from DEF system to windshield, brakes, you name it" - Exact quote. I'm wondering if the required DEF system repair indicates there might be other issues...
  6. G

    DPF always goes up to 100 percent before starting regen

    New and first time owner of a 2019 2500 170 extended roof sprinter. My DPF won't start regen until it gets all the way to 100 percent and then it starts. I don't know how to do a manual one. There reaky aren't any instructions on the 2019 how to do a forced regen. I tried everything. But the dpf...
  7. S

    DEF injector feed line replacement

    Anyone know of a good place to find a def injector feed line replacement? I recently suffered a flex pipe failure on my 2012 Sprinter 2500. I ended up with burnt wires which I replaced successfully and codes are gone. Now I have found the def line is leaking. It seems to have been burnt just...
  8. C

    Professional Tuning ..Emulators .. Deletes ..STAGE 1? Ncv3 2010+

    Hi Guys, I have a NCV3 2011 sprinter with 200k miles and I had a check engine for def heater(I had it for over 2 year and finally got to fixing it ) so I replaced it with a brand new factory oem unit codes cleared but soon afterwords i was awarded with a limited starts message . Coincidently it...
  9. U

    Is it possible to bypass the dealership?

    My 2014 NCV3 diesel Sprinter is now in the shop for the fourth trip-cancelling repair in five years (19,800 miles) and now out of warranty. Seems like every time we head out on extended vacation, our Sprinter-based Roadtrek goes belly-up, forcing a return home to the local MB dealership. VIN is...
  10. S

    DEF-related "starts remaining" INcreases

    Team: I've been following many threads related to the incipient DEF-related issues, especially now that I'm at my fourth forced visit to the local MB dealer to remediate my current one. However this time, shortly after I received "7 starts remaining," the screen message then flashed "16 starts...
  11. B


    Just purchased new 2018 sprinter cargo van. I can't find instructions on how to fill DEF. When people say "top it off" does that mean until you see Def in fill tube? To what level in fill tube? Thanks for your help with this. Randy
  12. K

    DPF question - regen cycles

    My previous vehicle was a RAM Ecodiesel. If I drove it around town and not the freeways, I'd get a DPF at 80% message, and it'd tell me to drive at highway speeds to remedy. While I drove, I saw the amount go down to less than 20% and all was well. A few days ago I brought my 2017 Sprinter...
  13. D

    2013 Sprinter Ambulance / Seeking Buyers Advice

    HI - First timer here. After years of eying craigslist for vans to convert into a camper, I happen to drive by a local parts yard / used car lot and saw a bunch of Sprinter ambulances in the yard. They apparently were purchased from an ambulance company that was retiring them. The one I'm...
  14. A

    Replaced Turbo, 2 DPF's, CAT, no PCV whats up?

    I have a 2012 2500 170WB passenger sprinter. It now has 120,000 miles on it. I got the sprinter from a relative in 2015 with approximately 92,000 miles. I know he idled the van a lot and did a mix of highway and city driving. MB did all the required services for the van. I mostly do highway...
  15. rik

    2010 Sprinters with DEF sensor issues: deal with them!

    I have 2010 Sprinter with embarrassingly low (32k) mileage. i've maintained it well, kept DEF levels correct, etc. Note that 2010 is JUST EIGHT YEARS ago, with the 8 year emissions warranty lapsing Very Soon Now. Also note that the DEF system is part of the emissions system. These facts will...
  16. D

    DEF. P203D/Reductant Level Sensor High

    Check Engine light is on. Code is P203D. 2011 Winnebago View on 2010 Sprinter 3500 runs fine. Mechanic says it is probably a bad sensor on DEF tank but the sensor is integrated and Mercedes wants over $3000 for the part. Only 8000 miles on the vehicle. Any thoughts?
  17. D

    ULSD Work Around???

    I am planning on traveling from California all the way down to South America (or as far as I can) exploring all the countries in between. I have a 2014 High Roof Sprinter. As I am sure you are aware the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel availability is slim to none, or you may be pumping it and have no...
  18. T

    How often should I need DEF?

    Hello, About 2 months ago DEF light came on. I added 1 gal and that corrected it. About 3 weeks later (maybe 700 miles) the light came on again. This time I got the large container (maybe 2 or 2.5 gal?) and filled van up. All has been good for about 6 weeks - 1500 miles - and now the def...
  19. K

    2014 Cargo van - DEF/catalytic issues

    I have a 2014 cargo van. We have experienced issues with the DEF warning system. At first, we followed all recommended procedures once the countdown began. We even took it to a shop and had it hooked up to see if there were anymore issues. After a few weeks of keeping the DEF above minimum, we...
  20. M

    2013 Sprinter 2500 Diesel DEF system failure

    On a trip my CEL came on. A while later the DEF light came on. It seemed a bit early but I put 4 gal in at a phillips 66 truck stop. 10 miles later the DEF light went off but the CEL stayed on. 50 miles later the alarm went off, both the CEL and DEF were on and I got the 10 restarts message...

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