daytime running lights

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    Daytime running lights Fuse?

    Hi all, any thoughts on this issue. have lost both side daytime lights. changed bulbs no luck. no power getting to bulbs. is there a set of headlight fuses anywhere. (2016 316cdi model) any help appreciated.
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    Knocking noise from drivers side headlights

    Getting a weird whrrr and knocking noise from drivers side headlights. Anyone know what this part is? It seems to shake coinciding with the knocking noise every 3-4 seconds.
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    Taillight assembly and daytime running lights

    I have a Canadian 2004 2500 Cargo, and noticed that the right brake light was not functioning. Based on info from this forum, I tried swapping the 4 bulb rear light assembly housing from left to right, and the problem moved with the assembly. So I came to the conclusion that I have a faulty...
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    T1N Headlights burning out

    I have just bought a 2006 2500 from my brother. He warned me that the headlights burn out quickly and gave me a batch of new H7 bulbs. It appears that the bulbs are burning out due to a surge of electricity on start up. He replaced the standard bulbs with an HID set up with the hope the HIDs...
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    Adding Day Time Running lights

    I have looked over as many post as I can talking about disabling daytime running lights, my problem is the opposite. I need to know how to add the daytime running light option to my 2004 FL 2500 shc 10 passenger van. I have purchased the relays, I have looked at where they are supposed to go. No...

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