1. D

    Sprinter Fuel 4X4 Economy

    I really love the look of the Sprinter 4x4 as a go anywhere camper, and perhaps because my family are getting larger it may make good replacement for my Land Defender pop up top camper. However with my work I tend to travel across Europe a far bit and I was wondering how the 2wd medium length...
  2. Spiritsprint

    Differential Repair and estimates-input please

    Hi all. With the help of members on this forum we recently purchased a 2006 T1N 3500 Dually. Hurrah! Went to reputable independent shop (ex MB techs)for inspection prior to purchase. Based on that, stated going in the differential needs some work and we negotiated a better purchase price...
  3. J

    Cost of Maintenance Data Collecting

    Hey everyone! You probably get this a lot, but I'm considering buying a Sprinter. I'm considering a pre-2007 (I've heard they're more reliable/ less finicky) with around 100k and I want to get all the numbers down for cost comparison with other vans before I make my choice. I'm a touring...

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