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    coolant missing

    I have a 2014 Sprinter 3500. No problems the first 5,000 miles. The low engine coolant light came on dash, the coolant was down to the minimum in the overflow tank. Added up to the maximum, which took very little and now 600 miles later add coolant light came on again. I made a visual check...
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    Oil in Coolant, No Coolant in Oil

    First time posting here, hello everybody. I have a 2006 2500 2.7 $printer. I have been very diligent in maintaining it. When I bought it there were 0 maintenance records - buyer beware so to speak. I've replaced everything that can be replaced except for the engine and the transmission. The...
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    Coolant level dropping disappearing leak

    Hello, I tried all the checks mentioned in this thread but can't come up with anything. I have to top the Coolant level off 1/4 Gallon every week for the past 2 weeks as the coolant light comes on and the level...

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