1. S

    Aux Water Pump - P2600 error code

    Afternoon all, Looking for some help, I have a 2015 Sprinter 313 with a 2.1L engine. I have a P2600 error code coming up on the reader. When I clear the code it runs for a couple days with no issues then it comes on again. Could someone please point me in the direction of where the aux...
  2. hutchski

    LHM reset without key fob?

    I had a coolant explosion (cracked reservoir) that I patched with JB Weld but I can't seem to get the van out of LHM or maybe I am coincidentally experiencing a new problem at the same time, wouldn't that be my luck?? I saw on a previous thread the key / lock trick to reset LHM but it didn't...
  3. Jhunter37

    Advice Diagnosing Coolant Leak - '05 T1N

    On the road for my first long trip in my '05 T1N! Thank you all for allowing me to mostly lurk around these forums the last few months! Could use some help diagnosing a potential coolant leak. 158" wheel base, 253,000 miles, purchased 3,000 miles back/3 months ago. I've been working through...
  4. skyeg3

    2005 Drinking Coolant

    Hello All. I've done quite a bit of research on these forums but still unsure of where to start and how much I should be worried about my van failing me. I have a 2005 sprinter (217k miles) that I use a few times a week as my main mobility. The Van has been drinking coolant for a few years now...
  5. Andy at Focallocal

    I had a engine coolant warning, ignored it for 2 days as busy and not driving much. Now i have a fuel pressure warning, EDC and limp home

    Also the Engine Coolant warning is gone Change the coolant for sure, i was just wondering if it sounds like ignoring it has messed the engine up and the issue has progressed to something more serious. My EDB2 scanner sees no error codes at all and sending a reset code seems to turn the EDB...
  6. C

    T1N - Cracked Head Leaking Coolant

    Hey guys, Back in June I purchased a 2005 3500 Sprinter with 190k miles and I have had to take in to the shop 2 times since then for repairs to the engine. The first time was because of a hole in the valve cover that the previous owner repaired with JB Weld and an aluminum pop can. It's a long...
  7. M

    Identifying source of coolant leak

    Hi all, I have a 2003 158" (OM 612 engine) and have recently discovered what looks like a coolant leak that's dripping from the engine down onto the front of the transmission. There's fluid accumulating on the cross-member and transmission, and I'm getting an intermittent low coolant warning...
  8. J

    Sprinter campervan serious coolant leak (?)

    Appreciate any advice or help with this! Mercedes Sprinter campervan 311 CDI 2151 CC 2004 The last service was September 2018 with the following notes: "bottom coolant pipe rusty" "VHC coolant - anti-freeze weak and low level" "replaced coolant hose for engine" "replaced anti-freeze and...
  9. C

    Installing hydronic heater

    Hey, first time posting here, I’m based in the UK and looking for pointers on installing a D5 hydronic heater to my 144 (MWB) MB Sprinter W906 that I’m in the process of converting to a camper. I want to use the hydronic with a plate heat exchanger and a heat exchange blow box to provide hot...
  10. C

    Adding a Hydronic Coolant Heat

    2014 35000 LWB Ext I picked up a D5 hydronic heater mainly for hot water (using a heat exchanger) and cabin heat in the back but I would like to tie it into the block as well for engine preheating. Also stops me from having to add an additional reservoir/expansion chamber. However it extremely...
  11. D

    Coolant change silly mistake

    Hey everyone! So I just did a full coolant flush on my 2006 T1N. Everything went as planned thanks to sikwan’s write up but right at the very end and last top off a very unfortunate event happened and I want your guys opinion before I start her up. I was emptying the dregs of the second gallon...
  12. E

    Sprinter coolant temperature display

    Hey. I have sprinter w906 311cdi, german edition. How can i manage to show the coolant temperature on dashboard? I think that my viscous clutch is not in good condition and i wont my minibus to get too hot. Also i can not see the outside tebperature and i saw that the van has outside temp...
  13. L

    Punked! (What would you do?)

    Hi Folks, I just bought a converted 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 from a guy in Jersey. A couple hundred miles into owning it, I started overheating. Pulled over immediately and saw that one of the coolant hoses had blown. I reattached it, refilled the coolant, and continued. I continued to lose...
  14. I

    T1N not warming up unless driven, help please

    Hello, I have a 2006 Dodge Sprinter with 140,000 miles that won't warm up unless I'm driving it down the road. If I start in and let it idle without the heater fan running, it finally warms up a half hour later. With the heat blowing in the cab, it won't ever warm up(dash engine temp stays at...
  15. bcman

    150k coolant change - what else?

    I'm coming up on 150,000 miles on my '03 T1N, so I'm going to change the engine coolant as recommended by this maintenance schedule. I'm also going to replace the serpentine belt and alternator pulley (I sometimes hear a high-pitched 'chirp' when shutting off the engine). While I'm in there...
  16. G

    mystery rubber part after radiator clean

    Sprinter was starting to get towards the red line on long grades. disassembled front and cleaned bugs and sand from radiators. On the ground this small rubber U turn part appeared. Inspected suspect areas with no luck. Hoping for some help . . . Thanks, Gary
  17. D

    Changing Anitfreeze

    Can anyone point me to a thread explaining how to do a change in engine coolant? I have a 2008 2500 V-6 Diesel. Thanks.
  18. S

    Engine Coolant Water Heater vs 12V Water Heater

    Hi All, Got a new 4x4 144 High-Roof Crew that I am converting to a single fuel(diesel) expedition rig for COLD weather camping and am getting my systems together for hot water/heating. I was going to go with the Webasto Dual Top air/water heater but couldn't swallow the gawd awful price tag...
  19. R

    Heater Control Valve plumbing question

    Hi! I have just acquired a 2004 Sprinter (140 wb, high roof) and will be converting it to a camping vehicle. I have been getting lots of invaluable info from this site by lurking and reading. However I now have an issue that I can’t find a solution for that way, so I thought I would jump in...
  20. K

    T1N heater core replacement instructions

    Does anyone have step-by-step instructions how to replace the heater core? I have searched several threads here but found nothing specific. Thanks as always, Kale Watkins 2003 Sprinter 2500 Low Roof 2.7L Diesel

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