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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 Camper Conversion, Home on wheels. San Angelo, TX

    $85,000 For sale is our 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 2500. We are the original owners and have a clean title in hand. This van has served as our home on wheels over the last year. We left the west coast in March of 2019 and did a 50,000 mile road trip around the lower 48, Canada and Alaska. Now that...
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    2012 Sprinter Camper Conversion [Vancouver, WA]

    Location - Vancouver, WA Contact Info - Email: Asking Price - $44,500 Model Year - 2012 Wheelbase - 144, 6 cylinder Roof Height - High (you can stand up straight if you are 6'2" or under) Mileage - 169,xxx miles Style/Special - Camper Conversion Link with all details...
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    Weight of a Van Conversion

    Hi, I'm looking around to buy a secondhand Sprinter. The idea is to convert it into a camper. Because I find many different sprinters, with different payload capacities. I started to wonder, how much does a conversion actually weights. Ok, I understand that it will depend on a lot of factors...
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    Bed over cab

    I did some searches here in the forums, not finding this - Has anyone tried to design a bed over the cab? Yes, it is tight - I'm very curious what folks have done. Thinking smaller adult, kids etc - I've seen lots of builds where that space is just used for storage - thx for any...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2013 High Roof Window Passenger 170wb Colorado $29.5k

    Great van. Must sell. Have two. Only need one. Please check these out for details. Cheers!
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 MB 4x4 Sprinter Family Camper. 144” Loaded. Sleeps 5 CA

    2018 MB 4x4 Sprinter Family Camper. 144” HiRoof Sleeps 4 (+1 more in hammock) CA 2018 Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Diesel High-Roof Sprinter passenger van, professionally converted (by Vanco) as a year-round family camper. We have used it on many adventures year-round from 10 degree winter nights to...
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    T1N: 1994-2006 2005 Dodge Sprinter Conversion

    2005 Dodge Sprinter Conversion. South Carolina Hey guys - I am based in South Carolina and looking to sell my converted 2005 Sprinter before moving to Portland after the holidays. Below is a Craigslist post with a number of pictures. I am asking $31,500. Thanks for looking...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 170" 4x4 Sprinter Conversion for Sale (Golden, CO)

    REDUCED PRICE FOR QUICK SALE! TouRig Sprinter Van Conversion (Golden, CO) $159,900 19,000miles This is the ultimate luxury adventure vehicle to seat and sleep up to four. Highlights include upgraded suspension, roof rack and ladder, cargo box, hot water heater, air conditioning, custom...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 L-track Embedded 144 Floors -California

    FLOOR ONLY (accessories purchased separately) The Travois Pro Floor is a form-fitting, one-piece, insulated floor embedded with L-track. The L-track allows you to add modular accessories, such as Travois RNR seat/beds and single seats that are variable location on demand and easy in/out...
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    Twin Cities conversion or solar shops?

    Can anyone recommend a shop in Minneapolis or St. Paul? I’m looking for help with my solar power system; bonus points for experience with Dometic fridges. (I looked through threads but found nothing recent.) Thanks.
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    ‘06 Conversion - Alternator/B-to-B installation Question

    Hi everyone!! I’m currently converting a 2006 Dodge Sprinter, ex Fedex fleet. I’m on the electrical stage of my van conversion and am a little confused on what to buy for the battery to battery charger according to my battery and alternator. I’ve estimated I’d use around 72Ah per day (fan has...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2011 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 170" EXT High Roof Van Specialties Conv. (Bend, OR)

    2011 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 170" EXT High Roof Van Specialties Conv. (Bend, OR) SOLD!! 9/30/19 $57K 6 Cylinder 2500 RWD White with wrap - business details will be removed; remaining base black/metallic can be left or removed. Conversion: "Garage Style" with front rollover sofa Van...
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    Travois Rock and Roll Seat Bed and L-track floor system now available in the US

    Our best seat bed system has it all: 6'8" bed, full suite of safety features, variable location on demand, insulated form-fitted L-track floor, accepts modular accessories and crash tested to all known North American and European standards. Available in the US now.
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 Calgary, AB 2007 Mercedes Sprinter 170 WB, high top

    Please see this ad on for complete detail and more pictures. $42,000 Can (32 USD) open to offers Most of the work completed by True North Custom Campers (Calgary) 2007 Sprinter. High Top - 177wb. Fully...
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    2nd row seats in 3500 cargo van

    I have a 2008 Sprinter 3500 170"WB extended cargo van. I want to install 2 new captain seats in roughly the 2nd row position (currenly the cargo area). After I removed the cargo hold-down floor tracks and plywood floor, I see that the anchor bolts (M8-1.25 x 40?) seem to go right into the frame...
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    T1N Bench 2 Seat Bracket Location Diagram

    Hello Sprinter people! We are installing a bench seat in a 2006 T1N Cargo and I need the specific location measurements for where to cut out the floor for the seat brackets. Our floor doesn't have markings or indicators. I have searched many of the threads on seat installs and haven't been able...
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    Flooring-to insulate or not

    I keep going back and forth about pulling up the factory flooring and putting down some insulation and then plywood floors. Its a lot of extra work, but is it necessary? I lose so much heat through windows and I'm putting in an espar heater. Here's what I want to know...will it help that...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 MB 144 4x4 Sprinter Passenger for Sale

    167 miles - $67,500 Having trouble finding a 4x4 Sprinter for your van conversion? You're not alone, luckily we're here to help! Beartooth Vanworks has your 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter ready for a camper conversion. We've got a brand new 144 4x4 Sprinter Passenger van that's waiting for your van life...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 MB 144 4x4 High Roof Custom Conversion - Bozeman MT

    2017 Mercedes Benz 144 4x4 Cargo High Roof - 16k miles Custom Beartooth Vanworks First Tracks conversion Asking $130,000 (willing to make additions and edits) For comprehensive pictures follow this link: Beartooth Vanworks does...
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    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 Sprinter 140 wb

    I am selling my 06 dodge sprinter with 246k on the motor and transmission. She needs cleaned up from a rust perspective but she runs and drives great. Only this I would suggest is tie rods and ball joints. There is a little bit of play in the steering wheel. Nothing bad but if you want it to be...

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