chinese diesel heater

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    Chinese Diesel Air/ Glycol Heater paired w/ Isotemp Spa

    I am currently in the planning stage of converting my 2020 Sprinter 170. I have recently been trying to figure out the best path to take with my water heating and came across this Chinese Air/ Glycol Heater. I was wondering what people thought of this? Does anyone have experience with these? If...
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    Chinese Diesel Heater - Smoky Exhaust

    So I recently installed a chinese diesel heater for my van. I'm running it off of my Sprinter's Aux Line from the diesel tank. Today, I noticed a large amount of white exhaust coming out of the heater's exhaust pipe. Is my heater defective or is it a simple switch out of a part like the filter...
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    Aux fuel tap to 2mm fuel line - connector type? For Chinese Diesel Heater

    Hi all, recently bought a chinese diesel heater off amazon, and trying to figure out the best, simplest way to connect to our aux fuel tap for our 2008 Sprinter. The green fuel line that came with the heater kit has a 2mm bore (I believe). When doing research, other users reportedly used a...

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