1. F

    Long Black Foam Ceiling Blocks Behind Cab

    How have you all been dealing with the two oblong black foam blocks on the ceiling, behind the cab? Do you remove them and run your ceiling up to the rib that is behind them or do you cover these in fabric and butt the ceiling up against them? Note: I am not referring to the two giant foam...
  2. XYZdayz

    Gap in frame underneath skylight and fan

    Hi Any suggestions on what to do about a gap between a steel frame underneath the fan and skylight opening and the metal roof? Because of past leaks, I am completely redoing the roof and ceiling. (ugh) When I eventually screw down the skylight or fan frame seems the metal roof would flex down...
  3. Briance

    Exciting new post about trim piece options for wood ceiling install

    Hello all! I am currently working on my ceiling and for the most part put it together this last weekend. I was able to procure some beautiful hickory, had it milled and planed to about 1/4 inch ish thick... turned out well. I took out the back trim piece and took the wood all the way to the...
  4. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 Crew 144 Headliner & Lights: Reno/SF Bay

    I removed the four headliner panels aft of the driver's compartment for a client's brand new van. The set is for sale for $250, including the four factory light fixtures. My shop is in Reno, but I travel frequently to the bay area and could deliver it there.
  5. S

    Rear A/C Custom Trim - Anyone ?

    Our 2018 passenger van came with the factory rear A/C unit on the roof/ceiling. Has anyone kept this unit in place but removed the factory headliner and A/C ductwork, keeping the blower in place though and trimming it out in wood or another custom ceiling in lieu of the factory headliner? I...
  6. R

    Liner from 2016 high roof 144" for sale

    I have the back three pieces of the roof liner from factory for 2016 high roof sprinter. Located in Portland Oregon. The pieces are in mint condition. Make an offer. Ryan 503-421-0722 Ryanpetering@gmail.com
  7. D

    attach cedar paneling directly to frame?

    Hello! I'm in the process of converting my 2006 144wb high-top sprinter into a camper. I'm going to glue on insulation (thinsulate) and then would like to put cedar paneling on the walls and ceiling. My question is: Do I need to put up furring strips or can I screw the panels directly onto the...

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