1. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 2500 Sprinter

    2016 Merc 2500 Sprinter Cargo. Asking $24000obo Clean and clear title in hand. 2.4L turbo diesel. 20mpg avg. 1 owner. Very well maintained. All service done my mercedes dealer, except most recent brake job. Factory Partition Bluetooth Backup camera Super clean Insualed cargo area with wall...
  2. L

    Sprinter 170 Inside and Roof Dimensions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to continue planning my upcoming Sprinter 170 conversion while working overseas temporarily and I was wondering if anyone has a good set of dimensions that they have taken on their Sprinter 170s? I would go back to the dealer but am unable to at the moment being...
  3. B

    2019+ 170 Cargo High Roof Interior Panels

    Is anyone building out their 2019+ 170 high roof van and removing their interior panels? I'm located in Arizona and willing to travel to pick up.
  4. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 WTB; 144WB HR Cargo 4x4

    Want to buy; 2015-2018 Sprinter 144WB HighRoof Cargo 4x4. Open to exterior colors, save for Black. Open to options. Must be clean and well-maintained, with at least some service records. Prefer western USA, but will travel for the right van. LMK what you have! Thx :cheers:
  5. N

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 mb sprinter 170 high roof cargo 4x4 10k miles CA

    Putting the feelers out. Had a change of plans .I have a white 2016 Mercedes Benz sprinter 170 wheel base high roof cargo 4x4. Has navigation, backup camera, installed maxxair fan in rear, aluminess ladder, and factory roof rails,Steel rims with plenty of tread on tires. I have installed the...
  6. H

    WTB Rear Sliding Door - White

    Hey yall, I'm looking for a sliding door for my T1N, preferably white, no window and in good shape. Whatcha got?! -Harrison
  7. thomasrobert23

    Emergency help on installing seat/cargo needed

    ok so I have my sprinter 2500 cargo 2006 scheduled to have a 3 person seat installed on 1/2, I got a 3 person bench seat, the 3 proper anchors, the bolts and backing plates... but I stopped by my mechanic to schedule the appt. and first thing he said was " problem is that it sits right on top of...
  8. J

    Rear cargo question

    I have a new LTV Free Spirit SS which I will be full timing in. I do need to add some kind of storage to the rear, but I want to keep it as minimal as possible. Most of the boxes (Rola, Thule and StowAway) are bigger than I want. It looks like they will add 30 some inches to the back. I do need...
  9. F

    2007 2500 3.0 l. diesel turbo fails to engage

    I've read in posts here that the turbo boost on my.2007 3.0 CRD Diesel is prone to problems. Mine was intermittent, but now engine power is marginal at best after being collided into its rear end. It was already annoying, then it got spanked and now it's stuck! I suspect elecrtrical...
  10. P

    Second Row Seats that install using Floor Cargo Rails??

    The attached picture is from my 2013 Sprinter showing the cargo rails in the floor deck. Is there a seat manufactured that can be installed using the factory floor cargo rail system? Or maybe hardware that can be used to interface the seat to the cargo rails? I would like to install a two...
  11. M

    Value for a 2004 118" Cargo?

    A newbie here: I'm looking at a friend's 2004 118" 2500 Mercedes Cargo, 150k miles about.... Transmission flares slightly between 2-3rd gears (sorta common I've heard and maybe not terminal?) he's asking $8k. It's very clean, stock, red color. Is that a good price? ALSO: Comments welcome on the...
  12. P

    Wheelhouse guards for your Cargo Van (Sprinter, NV, Ford, Chevy, etc)

    Protect your wheelhouse from damage/puncture! Call 616-546-8225 to order!
  13. P

    New Product For Sprinter Vans!

    Greetings, I'm here to offer a new product for your Sprinter- The Power Deck. The Power Deck is a cargo management system designed for Sprinter Vans which automatically positions your load without the use of chains or skid pullers. Our goal is to provide a safer environment for drivers and...

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