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  1. FindYourPhoenix

    Dometic CFX95

    Just got my CFX95 in and I’m interested in seeing how others have installed this. Hoping to see more 144’s, as this is what I’ve got.
  2. T

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2013 Custom Converted Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van, 144WB, HR, 2X4 Silverthorne, CO

    MAKE: Mercedes-Benz MODEL: Sprinter 2500, 144 Wheel Base MILEAGE: ~ 72,000 CONDITION: Very Good FUEL: Diesel CYLINDERS: 6 PAINT COLOR: Silver DRIVE: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) SPRINTER FACTORY FEATURES: • 2 Master keys • Heated windshield • Heated side mirrors • Back-up alert system • Cruise control...
  3. J

    Anyone doing the build in the bay area?

    Just wondering if anyone is currently doing their build in the Bay area? Would be nice to hang out in person. I am in Sunnyvale, converting a 2005 140wb bad boy. Also, do you know anyone in the area who fits eberspacher diesel heaters?
  4. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 Sprinter 140 wb

    I am selling my 06 dodge sprinter with 246k on the motor and transmission. She needs cleaned up from a rust perspective but she runs and drives great. Only this I would suggest is tie rods and ball joints. There is a little bit of play in the steering wheel. Nothing bad but if you want it to be...
  5. B

    2016 170 Mercedes Benz Modular Conversion MT - $77500

    Start your summer off with a sprinter van! The Diamondback is a dynamic minimalist van conversion by Beartooth Vanworks out of Bozeman Montana. This model features our modular component system that allows you to move every piece and part around your van using MacTracks. With over 74 linear feet...
  6. R

    CR Laurence Rear Window Installation for Sprinter: Step By Step and Tool Kit

    It was difficult for us to find a lot of resources for installing rear windows, so I wanted to put our step by step out here along with all of the tools and equipment we used. There are also links to some videos that really helped us be successful and made the process way less daunting...
  7. D

    T1N Build Out, Solar, Diesel Heater, Water, Fridge, Propane, and Toilet.

    Here is a link to the build album with explanations: Feel free to ask questions if you have them, I'd love to share my knowledge the same way others shared with me. Thank you to everyone who has every posted on this forum; it was an invaluable resource, and I...
  8. H

    Rivet Nut selection and advice

    Hey gang, After some research I am looking to use rivet nuts in several parts on my conversion (bed, walls, shelving, etc.) but I was hoping to have a few things clarified before I commit to buying a tool and set of nuts. First: How do I find bolts that match the threading of my rivet nut...
  9. H

    Insulation and moisture mitigation

    So this weekend I plan to purchase my Sprinter and begin the long and rewarding process of converting it into a camper. In all my excitement I have started researching insulation methods but I've ran into a lot of conflicting information and it's unclear to me what I really need to do to stay...
  10. E

    New-to-me Sprinter, 2 week buildout recommendations

    Hello! First post, super stoked to have been turned on to this forum. I recently decided to purchase a friend's sprinter and have been exploring sprinter-source like crazy since! I am picking up the Sprinter towards the end of April, then going on my first road trip early May. I will have...
  11. N

    Backpack 2.0 - A Climbing, Hiking, Paddling, Biking, Adventure-mobile

    Hey Sprinter Source! Allow me to introduce myself (as I am a chronic Lurker...). My name is Nate. My wife (Steph) and I gave up the 'typical' american dream and a job as a career firefighter, and her an accountant, about 4 years ago to leave the state where the sky tried to kill us multiple...
  12. anoldfireman

    Anyone think of using Ikea or Office furniture? pics I have not seen anyone use them. Have I missed it somewhere? There is a massive amount of used cubicle furniture and cabinets. Some are really well made, some heavy- some light- Ikea has tons of sizes and selections of cabinets, hardware, cubby...
  13. A

    Best Insulation Materials?! Help!

    Hi all, I've just joined the Sprinter Forum and I'm very excited about gaining some knowledge from all of you van folks. My boyfriend and I recently purchased a Sprinter that already had some of the build done (kitchen, fridge, heater, etc....) and we're planning on reconfiguring some of the...

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