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    fading brake pedal

    I bought my 2004 with 250K miles on it. I had to replace the rear caliper which had a frozen bleeder screw and then bled the brakes by pumping. When the van is turned off the brake pedal holds firm so I assume the master cylinder is OK. Start the engine and the pedal goes to the floor. Pump...
  2. S

    Dash brake light wont turn off

    i got a 2006 dodge sprinter and the brake light on the dash came on i have replaced the master and checked the speen sensors but cant seem to figure out why the brake light is on the fluid has been checked and the brake lamp switch as well if anyone has any idea i am open to suggestions to...
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    ABS problem

    My van is activating ABS on every stop at slow speeds. My brake lights also came on. I went to Chang brake pads and the ones on the front have 75% pad left. This all started after I changed the front wheel bearings. I would pull the fuse if I could find it.... Anybody have any ideas how to fix it?
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    Rear Brake Pad Replacement on 2003 Sprinter

    Hey guys - I took my wheel off to replace the brake pads on my 2003 T1N and ended up scratching my head. The front brakes are simple enough - two bolts to remove the caliper and you can throw in the new pads. The rear brakes, however, don't appear to have any bolts. Instead there are rubber nubs...
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    Brake issue!

    Idk if this was already but I have a 2003 t1n with brake issues. My brake pedal would sink all the way to the ground and only my driver front caliper would engage and rip the steering wheel to the left. I bled the system 3 times!! All three times there's air in my passenger side brake line...
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    2005 sprinter 2500 clicking/popping

    Hello everyone. I need help with my 2005 sprinter 2500. I have a clicking/popping noise coming from the rear of the truck when I'm moving. It happens more often when the truck is empty in the cargo area. I had the drivers side rear bearing replaced, and all seemed fine until yesterday. I went to...
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    Brake wear indicator circuit high???

    2007 SPRINTER 2500 (45 VIN) Brake wear indicator was on all the time. Replaced brakes and sensors. Now the indicator comes and goes intermittantly and the dealer extracted code for "brake wear indicator circuit high". Does anyone know what this means? If I understand sensors, this should...

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