1. B

    How much to fix this dent?

    Hey all quick question, can anyone give me an idea of about how much this dent will cost to fix? The inside is all fine and there’s not structural damage, but the outside of the double wall of the van is dented. We hit a concrete fender when turning. Just an estimate on price and possibility...
  2. T

    Dent Repair

    I was wondering how much it would cost to have a dent removed from above the rocker panel on the driver side of my sprinter. I brought it to a local shop in Tempe, AZ and was quoted $2,166.77... $1107 body labor (20.5hrs) $626.40 paint labor (11.6hrs) $394.40 paint supplies $6.50 misc $32.47...
  3. D

    Custom wiper arm configuration

    The sheet metal around the passenger side wiper arm post rusted apart, such that the post is now floating disconnected from the body. Since I can see where the wiper arm posts are meant to go on left-drive (UK, Japan, etc.) vehicles, I thought it would be possible to develop a custom wiper arm...
  4. G

    Body work in Tijuana Mex.

    Anyone have any experience getting body work done in TJ? a tree limb fell on my van and I need the hood replaced and a dent pulled and painted on the roofline.
  5. T

    Sprinter wiring under sliding side door

    I need to have some welding don under the sliding side door step and on the sill. I want to know if there are any wires or cables in this area that may be damaged by the heat of welding.
  6. BucketList

    Dodge 2008 Mercedes Sprinter Roadtrek Grille Conversion?

    Hi Guys and Gals, I can't seem to find a way to do this. I went to a dealer in Calgary (Canada) and they ordered grille and back door badge BUT they were the wrong parts! So much for a wasted day. Then they say "anyway we don't do 'after market' installs. Never go to Lone Star Mercedes in...
  7. L

    Help needed to replace a light bulb!

    Hello folks! We have a 1993 Sprinter model 212D and we have damaged the right hand (looking from the cab) front indicator housing. We have bought a new part, but when we came to fit it we could not work out how to get the old one out. It looks like we might have to remove the headlight to get...

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