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  1. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2 Bench Seats Sprinter and Mounting Brackets near Aspen, CO

    I have 2 benches in cloth from a 2008 passenger van, each is a 3 seater. I also have 2 set of seat brackets with bolts, rubber and plastic pieces. $200 per bench $100 per mounting brackets set $500 for everything. PM me here please. Pick-up only.
  2. W

    NCV3: 2006-2018 SoCal beautiful three and four seat bench

    I am cleaning out my garage and need to move one three person bench and a four person bench. These are in great shape no holes or rips. Seats are located in LOs Angeles. Would like to get $300 each for them
  3. T

    VS30: 2019+ MB 2018 Metris single bench seat - San Diego, CA

    Hi Folks: Installed the Metris bench seat in my VS30, but only used 2 of the 3 seats ( this seat is the single breakaway seat that connects to the other 2 seat bench ). Local pickup only... The Metris forum is quite a mess, hence the posting here... Thx
  4. bmaraglia

    VS30: 2019+ 3-person bench passenger seat - 2020

    Just purchased a new 2020 Sprinter Crew 144 4wd here in Southern California. Building out a weekender and have removed the 3-person bench passenger seat. The kit comes with everything needed to install. More pictures available upon request. - 3-person passenger bench seat (these also recline...
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    Premier Products

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  6. R

    VS30: 2019+ New leatherette (Mercedes leather) 3-person bench seat.

    Removed from VS30 2020 Sprinter passenger van. Includes cupholders and seat back built in 3-point seat belt. Does not include mounting hardware. 2 seats available. Prices at $850 cash per seat. Local pick-up only, no returns accepted
  7. M

    VS30: 2019+ 2019 Passenger Van 4 Person Bench Seat 4 Sale

    4 person bench seat from recently purchase 2019 passenger van. Seats were not used and pulled out on delivery. Black leatherette in great condition. $450.00 obo. Need it out of my garage. Located in Santa Barbara, but willing to meet north or south. Thanks!
  8. A

    VS30: 2019+ Brand New 3 Person 2019 Black Leatherette Bench Seat from Crew $1250 OBO (Boise, ID or San Francisco area)

    Phone 415-290-9027 Leaving Boise Thursday for the Bay Area, could drop off anywhere along I-80 west of Winnemucca or ship (you pay).
  9. N

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2012 Mercedes Sprinter Bench Seats in Danville, IL

    I have one 4 seater and two 3 seater benches to sell. These were taken out of a 2012 sprinter van. In good condition. $600 for each bench. Located in Danville, IL. Message me on here if interested.
  10. S

    2016 Mercedes Sprinter 3 Person Bench Seat

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and thought I'd share if anyone is interested. I’m located in Sacramento, CA and I recently bought a 2016 Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter and have no need for the 3 passenger seat along with the mounts. I believe the seats fit 2007-2017 Sprinters. Let me know...
  11. G

    T1N: 1994-2006 2 Bench Seats & 1 set of Floor Brackets (2006 Sprinter T1N 118wb) - Orange County, CA

    2 Bench Seats & 1 set of Floor Brackets (2006 Sprinter T1N 118wb) - Orange County, CA Selling 2 bench seats (both 3 seaters) from my 2006 T1N sprinter van. Each bench seat is $325/each. Photos 1 & 2 are of the front row seats. Photos 3 & 4 are of the rear row seats. Also selling 3 floor...
  12. BlackThroatedWind

    Move 4th row to 3rd row

    Hi Everyone! I’m interested in moving my 4th row with 4 seats to where the 3rd row is now. Is this possible? Thank you
  13. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Mercedes Sprinter passenger 3-seater bench Long Island, New York $1,599

    Three seater bench in passenger first row narrow. Seat arm rests on left and right side. $1599 OBO. Can make your cargo van a legal passenger van and lower insurance costs! Perfect condition. I am converting my van into an RV so I don't need them. Recently removed from van and stored in...
  14. A

    2 person bench seat for NCV3 vans. Seattle WA.

    2 person bench seat for NCV3 vans. Seattle WA. SOLD 2016 fabric 3 person bench seat converted to 2 person. Fits NCV3 Sprinters. Black OEM fabric. Great shape. Free up space in your van. Much easier access to rear of van. Will fit on drivers or passengers side floor mounts. Will consider...
  15. T

    2015 Sprinter Passenger Seats - 1-4 person, 2 -3 person

    We converted our passenger van into a camper. Cloth Seats were removed at purchase and were never used. Happy to send photos. 4 person - $900 3 person - $700 each $2000 for the set. Must be picked up in Northwest Connecticut Don't like the price?MAKE US AN OFFER
  16. J

    4-Person bench for sale - from a 2011 Passenger - NCV3

    Selling the 4-person bench from a 2011 MB Sprinter Passenger 2500. $800 o.b.o. Seats are in great condition. Small crack in the rear plastic cover on the back, barely noticeable and only cosmetic (assumed someone loaded up something quickly and it smacked into the back of the seat). Note...
  17. M

    Bench Seat for Sale (3-person, rear)

    Dodge Sprinter 2004 3-person bench seat + installation floor mount (with floor mount can fit into any van!) $400 or best offer for the 3-person seat Selling the back/last seat in the van which is the longest/widest bench seat. The floor mount (which bolt to the floor of any van) are included...
  18. H2Disco

    WANTED: TN1 2 person bench seat - San Diego

    I am looking for the short bench seat for my 2006 TN1. I installed factory seat brackets into my cargo van conversion and the 3 person bench seat is just too big for what I want to do with my van. I have a kid on the way so I need to get the seats dialed in before hand. I'm willing to trade...
  19. thomasrobert23

    Adding Bench Seat to a cargo 2006 sprinter

    I know there have been a few threads on this, I read what I could but would love to have some questions answered that I still have.. ( 2006 dodge sprinter 2500 140" cargo van ) From what I am reading the holes should be in the floor for the anchors, the fuel tank needs to be lowered, and metal...
  20. S

    Change three person bench seat to two person

    I recently bought a new 2014 Sprinter Crew Van at the local Mercedes dealer. I am having a rear lift added for my wife and her handicap access needs. The crew van came with a three seat bench seat as the second row seats. Unfortunately this does not give my wife enough room to make it to the...

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