1. S

    Self-Leveling Bed Lift System?

    I want to make a bed lift system in the back of my van that can "self level" when parked on a slope. This self leveling idea would be an additional feature on top of the bed lift design that uses linear actuators. See Ladi & Margaret's example From an engineering perspective we can consider...
  2. A

    RB Components Sofa Sleeper 76" plus storage box

    I am selling my RB Components sofa sleeper with shallow storage box. They are used with some scuff marks etc but aside from that is great condition. No rips of tears in the fabric. Happy to accept offers. Due to size/weight would be local pickup only.
  3. OTG_Mike

    Sold FS: Springfield 12"-28" 3 Stage Table/Bed Pedestal, Bay Area - CA

    We recently took out our pedestal table/bed configuration in order to install a platform bed. Selling the telescoping pedestal and will include the butcher block table if you'd like it. Specs: 12-1/2″ square table mount. 12″ diameter base with 11″ hole pattern for added stability. Nylon...
  4. D

    Sold 2017 sprinter van bench - aftermarket

    I am re-doing my sprinter and I am selling my old bench seats. The bench was bolted through the floor with seat belts bolted into the floor. The benches can be removed and taken in and out. I originally had these installed by Vanworks in Fort Collins, CO. The bench is fold-able and becomes...
  5. B

    Premier Products

    Premier Products manufactures Seating, Windows, and HVAC.
  6. S

    Sprinter Bed / Flarespace Install - Rivnuts okay?

    Greetings all, I'm posting this after the fact which is obviously too late. I installed a bed kit in my sprinter yesterday and as soon as I have it in, I got second thoughts about my method. Essentially, I used two riv nuts (5/16) at the end of each rail, though the pillars around the...
  7. C

    Bed over cab

    I did some searches here in the forums, not finding this - Has anyone tried to design a bed over the cab? Yes, it is tight - I'm very curious what folks have done. Thinking smaller adult, kids etc - I've seen lots of builds where that space is just used for storage - thx for any...
  8. M

    Roadtrek folding bed

    WTB folding bed/mattress for 06 Roadtrek Adventurous. Mattress goes from front seat to the swivelling captain chairs in the rear. Anyone have one lying around that they don't use or know of another resource out there to get a new one? Roadtrek doesn't make them anymore.
  9. Z

    80/20 15 Series Extrusions and T-Nuts, Springs, Screws, Brackets, Drill Jig

    I was originally going to use 80/20 for the structure of my platform and cabinetry for my 2007 144" wheelbase build and then changed course to work with just plywood. The extrusions are cut to install the three 3075 series along the walls just below window level with three 5'8.5" 1515 series...
  10. T

    L Track noise

    I am wondering if anyone has heard noises from their L track. Does vibration cause any rattling at the L track connectors? I am looking into using L track for my bed frame as well as for mounting cabinets. Thank you :cheers:
  11. D

    Folding Jackknife Sofa Bed for Sprinter in SoCal LA

    FOR SALE: Folding Jack knife Sofa Bed for Sprinter in SoCal LA SOLD Currently in my T1N 2006 Sprinter 118 passenger van. Has a steel frame. It bolts into the floor with 4 bolts. Unsure if it works with factory bolt holes but it should be pretty straight forward to install. In bed position...
  12. C

    2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 3.0L 170WB (Bad Engine) DFW, TX $4000

    I have a 2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 3.0L Diesel for sale. 276k miles. Engine appears to have thrown a rod. Compression test at mechanic showed it has a dead cylinder. Engine cranks and runs, but needs at least one cylinder rebuild. Everything else including Turbo, Transmission, EGR...
  13. caseylentz

    L Track Bed Idea

    Hey Everybody! Just wanted to bounce a new Idea I had for a bed conversation. I'm currently in the brainstorming phase for a bed in my 03 passenger. I've got this idea of using 4 L Tracks. One on each side near the rear doors and one on each side near the sliding door. These 4 L tracks would...
  14. M

    How now - Creating a counter-weight bed

    ***skip to bottom paragraph for question*** Hello awesome and amazing Sprinter and adventure lovers! First post is so exciting as I cannot find this question in the search of power. I believe I am on the verge of buying my 2009 LWB 313CDi 58 plate, after many upsets over trying to be sold...
  15. R

    Manual Bed Lift

    I'm in the process of trying out some different designs for my Sprinter. Storing the bed on the ceiling while not in use clears up a lot of space. I've only came across the electric bed lifts (happijac).. has anyone seen a manual version of these? I was thinking along the lines of a pulley or...
  16. C

    Help? How to Attach Bed Rails to Interior Pillars?

    Hi - I am converting a 2014 144 sprinter passenger van (high-roof) to a "light-touch" (not full conversion) camper van. The idea is to make a van like a VW weekender - sleeps 4 people - but beds can be removed or stowed - so the van can be used for other missions. The plan is to install 2...
  17. J

    Bed Rail Mount

    I am outfitting a 2012 Sprinter with a bed. I want the bed to be about 40 inches off the floor of the van. I intend to install steel bed rails along the side of the van for the frame to sit in, instead of having the frame attached to legs that run down to the floor. Most rails I have seen are...
  18. S

    Newbie needs help with sleeper

    I've searched and come accross a few threads on here that were somewhat helpful, but not quite right. We just bought an '05 sprinter 2500shc 144" and will be using it for expediting as a two person team. There is no partition, just open space and we'd like to retain as much space as possible for...
  19. S

    Sprinter sleeper, bed help building it or recommend somebody.

    Here is my issue. I have a Freightliner Sprinter 2500 series cargo van 158" which I use it for expediting services. The Sprinter has a metal separator between cabin and cargo. I was wondering if is there any way I can build a sleeper or somehow find somewhere some type of sleeper/bunk bed:rad...

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