1. D

    VS30: 2019+ Folding Solo Sleep System: Integrated Bed and Mattress (e.g., AdWagon "Monk Bunk") Los Angeles

    For Sale: Versatile Folding Bed and Mattress. Like new condition (was professionally made 1.5 years ago; very light use (~20 times max)). Perfect set up for solo travelers. Selling only because I am replacing with a full size (2-person) bed system. Similar to Adventure Wagon "Monk Bunk"...
  2. N

    NCV3: 2006-2018 For sale: 2007 Sprinter: 170” super high roof, queen bed, solar

    Excellent for tall people! Spacious sprinter with super high roof and 170” wheelbase - queen size bed 80” x 60” - wardrobe: full length hanging closet and built-in dresser - vertical garage space for bike without having to adjust bike at all - spacious finished interior with floor rails to...
  3. J

    Folding Sofa Sleeper, Wall mounted, and Storage Box - RB Components

    We had another kid so we need to put in a bench with seat belts, leaving no room for the bench/bed, sadly. It was never slept on, and is in perfect shape. I have the receipt from RB Components. It's a limited edition that cost $850 in total. Retro silver stitch version. The box built for it...
  4. R

    Travois 3 Seater, 129cm Rock, Rock-n-Roll Bed, $2500

    Features: L-Track mounted for adjustable location Canadian and EU certified pull tests (with their floor) ISO fix latches for car seats Adjustable head rests Full sized bed when folded down Condition: In perfect unused condition excluding the tiny tear in the fabric that was there on delivery...
  5. C

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD Flat Line Van Co FVC Bed System (Sacramento)

    I have a brand new in box Flat Line Van Co Bed System. I opened 2 of the 3 boxes it came in and took it out. Never left the house, decided to go in a different direction. You can of course order it directly from them with free shipping, amazingly fast too, took like 2 days to get here. But if...
  6. C


    I got this when I first built out my Sprinter Crew and ultimately fabricated something else. $500/obo won't ship, but could arrange to meet somewhere in the Denver Metro area.
  7. D

    Sold Adventure Wagon MOAB beds

    Hi we changed up our van setup, don't need these any more. I have two black MOAB beds for sale - black hex top, and black anodized rails. Had them less than a year, used them a half dozen times, they stayed in the van in place so they're not dinged up. $3350 new, +230 shipping to here (NC)...
  8. 907970

    VS30: 2019+ FVC Solo Hanging Bed modified

    Howdy, Selling 2 Solo Hanging beds. One is 66" and other 60". I had them mounted to L track in the back of my van. Added hinges so they fold flat against wall when not in use( with mattress and sleeping bag). Look at pictures for details. Worked great for my kids, but 3rd child is getting big...
  9. M

    80/20 Booth Seat / Bed Help

    I'm building out my 170 on my own. I want a booth (2 seats facing each other) that then fold down to one horizontal bed. I'm about to pull the trigger and get a bunch of 80/20. Here's an image of what I want from the 'not so barefoot theory girl'. She bought hers from outside van, which I...
  10. Eagle5

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed - Black Hex Top / Black Anodized. Tacoma, WA

    Location - Tacoma, WA Contact Info - PM. I will meet you locally in Tacoma. Cash or Venmo accepted. Price - $2,800 - Firm. Brand new Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed with the black hex top and black anodized aluminum. Sells for $3,350 new, plus estimated $200 shipping (and maybe sales tax) and...
  11. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Bed 3 panel with rails

    Hi I got this when I bought the van and never got around to re-install. I have a motorcycle so I wanted to put the bed as high as possible, I miscalculated and it's about 2" to high, which makes the frame too wide to fit... I never got around to move them and now we have decided to go a...
  12. H

    Roadtrek Adventurous bed remodel

    I'm looking for ideas to remodel the bed in my Roadtrek Adventurous. I'd love to get rid of the seat/bed electronics and just build a raised bed with lots of space/storage underneath. Also, there's got to be a better way to add an additional bed for that occasional visitor than the lame one...
  13. S

    Self-Leveling Bed Lift System?

    I want to make a bed lift system in the back of my van that can "self level" when parked on a slope. This self leveling idea would be an additional feature on top of the bed lift design that uses linear actuators. See Ladi & Margaret's example From an engineering perspective we can consider...
  14. A

    RB Components Sofa Sleeper 76" plus storage box

    I am selling my RB Components sofa sleeper with shallow storage box. They are used with some scuff marks etc but aside from that is great condition. No rips of tears in the fabric. Happy to accept offers. Due to size/weight would be local pickup only.
  15. OTG_Mike

    Sold FS: Springfield 12"-28" 3 Stage Table/Bed Pedestal, Bay Area - CA

    We recently took out our pedestal table/bed configuration in order to install a platform bed. Selling the telescoping pedestal and will include the butcher block table if you'd like it. Specs: 12-1/2″ square table mount. 12″ diameter base with 11″ hole pattern for added stability. Nylon...
  16. D

    Sold 2017 sprinter van bench - aftermarket

    I am re-doing my sprinter and I am selling my old bench seats. The bench was bolted through the floor with seat belts bolted into the floor. The benches can be removed and taken in and out. I originally had these installed by Vanworks in Fort Collins, CO. The bench is fold-able and becomes...
  17. B

    Premier Products

    Premier Products manufactures Seating, Windows, and HVAC.
  18. S

    Sprinter Bed / Flarespace Install - Rivnuts okay?

    Greetings all, I'm posting this after the fact which is obviously too late. I installed a bed kit in my sprinter yesterday and as soon as I have it in, I got second thoughts about my method. Essentially, I used two riv nuts (5/16) at the end of each rail, though the pillars around the...
  19. C

    Bed over cab

    I did some searches here in the forums, not finding this - Has anyone tried to design a bed over the cab? Yes, it is tight - I'm very curious what folks have done. Thinking smaller adult, kids etc - I've seen lots of builds where that space is just used for storage - thx for any...

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