1. _Zach

    Winch ground

    I've installed a Warn 12K winch on my 2020 144. I plan on running 1/0 wire back to the battery box for power. I don't think the positive side will be a problem, but I'm struggling to figure out a way to attach the negative. This is the OE negative connection on my battery. The wire is soldered...
  2. T

    NCV3: 2006-2018 LIFELINE 100ah GPL-271 12v AGM Batteries (qty2) (Los Angeles)

    Greetings. I have two LIFELINE 100ah GPL-271 12v AGM batteries and a custom mount for sale. I purchased them new about 10 months ago and used them for about 3 months. I've since converted my Sprinter to a lithium system so I no longer need these. I just recently sold the Xantrex Freedom...
  3. Shaiden

    Strongest 2nd Alternator for 2019 Sprinter 4x4 running Lithium?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for the strongest available 2nd alternator for a sprinter currently available. Right now I'm seeing about 280 watts on 12v or 140 watts on 24v. I can wire my LiFepo4 batteries in 12, 24, or 48v depending on which voltage alternator is the strongest. Was shooting to break...
  4. A

    2008 Dodge Sprinter Battery

    I'm considering picking up a new starter battery for a 3.0L 2008 2500 Dodge Sprinter. The battery is 6 years old and having issues starting sometimes. Especially now that it's winter, on the cold days it doesn't wan't to turn over. Any suggestions on a good but affordable battery? Thanks
  5. N

    Removing battery for winter storage. Any downsides?

    I've read several posts on whether or not it is beneficial to disconnect/remove the engine battery for a long period of winter inactivity. I'm not asking about that. What I am asking here is... are there any down sides to having the van sit with no 12v power to the engine, ECM etc? I'm no expert...
  6. E

    Early 2006 - rear battery charging/testing

    The dual rear batteries in our still newly acquired early 2006 FreeSpirit LSS seem to not last very long. They read 12.2 V with or without 110 VAC connected and with or without the disconnect. I charged them for hours yesterday with the negatives disconnected with two chargers and then with...
  7. gdhevans

    Wiring ‘non-standard’ alternator - 2004 t1n ex-ambulance

    Hi all, I have a 2004 Sprinter (ex-ambulance).. I’m trying to fit an alternator and need to find the dreaded D+ feed to excite the windings only when the engine is running.. I’ve searched the forum and found lots of information regarding the ‘body builder EK1’ terminal but I don’t have this...
  8. W

    No Start - No Starter Sound

    Engine won't start, or even crank. Last thing was l left headlight switch in 'park' position a few days ago. My fault but thought modern vehicles had 'auto-off', especially since I don't recall seeing the parking lights after ignition switch was turned off and I was leaving the storage lot...
  9. W

    2014 Slow battery drain

    Could the ECM drain the battery? The dealership replaced the original battery in July and by mid August the battery was dead. It will not hold a charge. I noticed that the cover on the ECM is missing after having service done. It now looks corroded. Sorry to sound naive but my husband died...
  10. Refresh

    Solar & Battery Bank = most important. Also want upgrade exterior, and refresh the interior

    Hi there forum, I am looking to thoroughly upgrade exterior, and refresh the interior, of my Sprinter T1N, Class B, motorhome. Once the Corona restrictions lift we want to move on in an effectively new 'home' WE are working on various upgrades ($$ allowing) The most important issue is...
  11. M

    Voltage-sensitive isolator vs. simple relay (for house battery)

    Hi there, So all the youtube videos seem to be using voltage-sensitive isolators. But the aux battery guide uses a simple 150-amp relay. The cheapest 140-amp isolator runs about $60, while a 200-amp relay is only $30. From the guide, the relay doesn't look like significantly more work to...
  12. A

    Basic battery questions from a beginner

    Hello, I just bought my first RV, a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500, with a 2009 Winnebago ERA top. Here are a couple of basic questions I have about the rig. Why would Mercedes/Dodge put the main chassis battery in an inaccessible place under the driver's seat, while leaving an auxiliary battery...
  13. M

    Voltage Sensitive Relay Advice Needed. What am I missing?

    I need help to safely charge my house battery off my alternator when my van is running. At issue is the fact that I have a 220A alternator, and I'm having trouble finding an intelligent relay that can handle 220 amps. Furthermore, it looks like I need 4/0 gauge wire to handle a 220A load over a...
  14. T

    DC to DC charger - voltage drop

    2019 2500 Sprinter 4x4 Cargo. 220A alternator. Small (100ah lithium to start with plans to expand) electrical system. dc only. In talking to both battleborn and sterling they say 6AWG is the largest wire that fits and I would have to trim back 4AWG if I use it. I have an approximate 28 foot...
  15. B

    Trik-l charge install 2017 SS Agile?

    I am planing on installing a Trik-l charge relay in my SS Agile. I want the solar power system to trickle charge my Sprinter chassis battery while the unit is in storage. I have read the best place to install the Trik-l charge is on the battery separator solenoid. I believe I see this device...
  16. C

    Adding a second battery

    I have a second battery in back to run my led lights and a water pump. It is hooked up to a magnuson inverter/charger. The only way to charge this battery is with shore power which is a pain. Can I wire this battery some how to charge off the alternator? Is it as simple as connecting it to the...
  17. G

    group 31 AGM battery recommendation?

    Are there brands to avoid, or brands that give better than average value? Initially I will be running only a ceiling vent fan and a few LED lights.
  18. N

    Battery hold down clamp

    Hi everyone, My recently purchased 06 Sprinter is missing the battery hold rails. I can't seem to find a picture of one anywhere. Can anyone verify if this looks like the right one? It is supposed to fit most Mercedes up too 2006, but doesn't say if it fits Sprinter. Thanks
  19. S

    (Unorthodox) MPPT Wiring

    I used the generally accepted method of wiring my MPPT on my last build (a T1N), connecting a wire from the Bat+ on the MPPT to the physical battery +, and the Bat- wire to the physical battery -. Now I'm installing an MPPT in an NCV3 that came with a stock aux battery in the engine...
  20. I

    Dual Sensing Charging through Alternator

    Hi All - Can't seem to find the answer in old threads... I have the aux battery system connected directly to alternator via blue sea acr. Aux batt system receives charge from 200a solar panel to top off. When aux batteries are sufficiently charged the acr is dual sensing so should allow charge...

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