battery drain

  1. M

    EGR - Engine compartment buzz 2004

    2004 2500 Freightliner work van. 364,000 miles. For months I have had a electrical draw that draws down my battery. I have noticed a buzzing noise in the engine compartment when parked. Often battery will be dead in morning. My regular mechanic stated they could not figure out all the codes it...
  2. S

    Running lights staying on for hours after van is turned off

    My 08 2500 170" Rear Right running light (middle red light) and the front left running light(orange bulb) stay on for 2-3 hours after the van has been shut off. I took it to a repair shop and they thought it might be the SAM Module? When I called another dealer for pricing on it they asked...
  3. B

    Battery indicator light details?

    Hello all, first post after lurking for some time. I'm glad to be joining you! I have a question regarding the battery light. So, my battery light comes on before I start my 2006 Diesel Dodge Sprinter. I just purchased the vehicle and drove it 500 miles and then it had a little trouble...
  4. R

    Battery dies over night

    Hi All, I have a 2006 sprinter with 175K miles on it, (not a RV) My battery started draining over night. Things I have done after this problem started, Installed a new battery and cleaned cables, that did not work, So installed new glow plugs and controller (they were original) that did not...
  5. skyeg3

    Power Distribution Center wires go... where?

    Im in the process of diagnosing a huge drain on my sprinter. We are going to start disconnecting wires while monitoring current draw tomorrow but in the meantime does anybody know what each of these 6 wires goes to? (see picture)
  6. M

    Aux Heater Battery Draw

    I was curious if anyone knew the battery draw on the aux heater w/ 2 hour timer? For those familiar, I have a former costar research van. I have a new interstate starting battery, and ran the aux heater for 3-4 2 hour sessions (lost count during the night), and managed to completely kill my...

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