1. L

    Alternators on 3 Liter Diesels

    Hello, Looking for information on how many horsepower I can safely pull off a 3 liter with an alternator. Any input on alternator capacity and it’s correlation to maximum amp hour size for a lithium iron phosphate battery? How large will my alternator need to be to keep a 300ah battery happy...
  2. L

    2018 winnebago View 24J Battery

    Will a Trojan T105 6-volt battery fit into my battery box without modifications?
  3. verymod

    Help with 2010 Mercedes 2500- electric help

    UPDATED! I just bought a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 2500, I fixed all mechanical and it runs great! It's prewired ( do not know if it works, the seller did not disclose that info) but I want to replace it all eventually. For now, I need to drive from Miami to NYC to clean out a storage unit before...
  4. M

    Voltage Sensitive Relay Advice Needed. What am I missing?

    I need help to safely charge my house battery off my alternator when my van is running. At issue is the fact that I have a 220A alternator, and I'm having trouble finding an intelligent relay that can handle 220 amps. Furthermore, it looks like I need 4/0 gauge wire to handle a 220A load over a...
  5. K

    Renogy Lithium Battery Question

    I recently returned from my first extended trip with my 2018 140 4x4 Sprinter. It came with the 100ah aux AGM battery. I have a 120w Zamp Solar panel on top. I determined that I'm woefully underpowered with that 100ah AGM battery. I looked at previous threads and some blog posts on the pros and...
  6. D

    Power system build with current products

    There are lots of posts about this, but I thought I'd lay out what I'm about to do as 1) a benefit for those looking for some of the newest product solutions and 2) welcome input from anyone pro or con on my approach. Everyone's needs are different. For me it will be some park camping, some...
  7. V

    My electrical system, for your review

    I've put together an initial wiring diagram for my build. It does not include the wiring for loads from the distribution blocks as my main concern right now is ensuring everything is solid up to that point. A few questions: The BMS built into the batteries is less than ideal. The low and...
  8. V

    Selecting Components for Use With Lithium Batteries

    I have 3 100Ah lithium batteries from a company similar to Battle Born (though horrible to work with and I'm wishing I went with Battle Born or others). They state that the internal BMS does the following: * Low Voltage Protection Switch - Automatically disconnects at 8V * Over Voltage...
  9. M

    Additional house batteries - need a plan

    I have a 2017 144 high roof with the factory auxillary battery and high idle kit. Based upon our plan for electrical consumers, I need an additional 200 Ah of storage to be off the grid (and not driving) for 3+ days. I'm not planning on solar at this point. I've heard the newer factory...
  10. K

    Simple solar for full-time living

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking around here for long enough and trying to do research in my conversion, but I think that an actual conversation with experienced Sprinter folks is the next step. There are just so many options, it's hard to know whether I'm going down the right path. I want to get...
  11. 0

    Solar, Battery, Invertor & Charger Recommendations

    Hey there! My wife and I are working on converting an 08 Dodge Sprinter Passenger Van into a home on wheels. We are photographers & Videographers by trade and will be on the road most of the summer. This will be our primary residence. We will be installing a fridge, tankless hot water...
  12. D

    Question for the battery experts

    I have a battery bank with 3 - 90 AH 12 volt AGMs. I have set my Xantrex Inverter/Charger for a battery capacity of 270 AH. The batteries are 8 years old now and have lost capacity over time. Should I reset Xantrex for a lower battery capacity? How does the charger work differently at different...
  13. bcman

    Electrical System Estimates

    Hi All, I'm starting to plan out my van's electrical system. Right now I'm looking at a lithium battery bank, solar panels, charge controller, some kind of battery isolator/combiner, and an inverter. 12v Loads will be a fridge, water pump, small bedside fan, LED light strips, stereo, and...
  14. T

    Correct VSR relay for 2 or 3 100Ah batteries?

    Hi. I've managed to find a single passenger seat and I can fit 2x 100Ah batteries in there. I think I might get a third one in a couple of months.. The van is an '09 313Cdi (a thread said 88A alternator). So what VSR would I need for 2 or 3 batteries? I'm sure it's been asked a million times...
  15. R

    Opinions on Interstate Batteries?

    I'm pretty set on 2 X 6V batteries for my conversion. My local RV dealer has a good price on these Interstate ones. Does anyone have any experience with Interstate? Also I'm going to be pairing it with this solar kit from Renogy. Midwestdrive recommended me to 'make sure the charging voltages...
  16. R

    Figuring out how much solar is needed. Plz help.

    Hey there. I'm in the midst of designing my electrical (total newbie). Here is a link with all my electrical needs and their amp draw. I will need 122 amp/h per day. Battery bank is 232 amp/h with 2x 6v interstate golf cart batteries.
  17. S

    Split Charge Relays (VSR)

    Hi guys, I've had a look around the forum for some info on sizing a voltage sensitive relay but I seem to have come away more confused. My plan is to buy around 220Ah of batteries (either 2x 12v or 2x 6v, but that's another issue entirely) and charge them primarily from 200Ws of Solar panels...
  18. DROSE

    Is the factory alternator enough?

    I am getting ready to order a new Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 and was wondering if I needed to add an additional alternator to help charge a (2) 100 ah battery bank for my solar set up. The "bracket for aux alternator" option from Mercedes is $415 so it's pretty pricy. If the stock alternator will...
  19. T

    Xantrex Inverter/Charger

    Xantrex Inverter/Charger I am starting a new thread following my "Battery Charging Issues" thread. I have a 2013 Itasca Reyo with an Onan 3.6kw generator, a Schumacher Mity-Mite RVCDP55 power center (converter, charger, AC breakers, DC fuses), and a Xantrex xm 1000 1000 watt inverter. I have...
  20. SprinterRS

    Running AC while driving

    Hi, I have a 2009 RS. Got a big family and use the van almost daily. During the summer I need to run the roof AC in the back to keep everyone cool and running the generator is just not a good option. I would also like to be able to boondock for a longer period of time so want to upgrade the...

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