auxiliary fuel port

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    Splitting your Auxiliary line for espar heater

    I have recently purchased the D2 heater with the sprinter kit to attach it to my auxiliary diesel connector directly to my fuel tank. my 2019 Sprinter that has come with a cold weather package integrated heater that is already hooked up to this auxiliary line. Does anyone have any good solutions...
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    Can I add auxiliary gas line for heater on 2019 2.0 gas engine

    Hey guys, Just found out there is no auxiliary gas line on the gas sending unit of my 2019 2.0 turbo gas engine. Does anyone know if there is a port that I can add a line on the sending unit before I drive my tank to empty and drop the tank in the driveway?!! please help!!! So much thanks! alex
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    adding an additional fuel port for espar D2

    I've been talking with Sportsmobile about my factory options for a 2015 Cargo Van. I want to order the Factory H12 Heat Pkg., so I'll have a pre-heater with remote control. But I also wanted sportsmobile to install a Espar D2 air heater. They tell me if I order an Auxiliary heater from the...

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