1. Kim_Marcus

    Electrical Build Alternator Question

    I’m at the very challenging part of the build. Electrical System I realize I need to understand what Isolator I currently have. I do not believe it is the B2B kind. I have read that it needs to be based on the Alternator's Amp Max Output, which even though I've looked at several posts on the...
  2. Shaiden

    Strongest 2nd Alternator for 2019 Sprinter 4x4 running Lithium?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for the strongest available 2nd alternator for a sprinter currently available. Right now I'm seeing about 280 watts on 12v or 140 watts on 24v. I can wire my LiFepo4 batteries in 12, 24, or 48v depending on which voltage alternator is the strongest. Was shooting to break...
  3. RVBarry

    VS30 alternator choices

    Hi, the alternators listed in the 2021 DOG are M40 Alternator 14V / 200A M60 Generator 14V / 250A M60 is standard on the 4cyl GAS engine. M40 is standard on both diesels (2.1l i4 and 3l V6). Additionally, the larger M60 is an upgrade option on the i4 diesels, for $697. (side note: there are...
  4. RVBarry

    House to chassis ground with ACR?

    Hi Dick, this has got me wondering... If I have a Blue Sea ML-ACR (7622), AND a manual disconnect switch on the house battery AND a solar disconnect, AND a shore breaker, And I turn all four of those off, then is it safer to use a chassis grounding point for house charging, or straight to the...
  5. C

    *stranded* Alternator not charging

    Long time lurker, first time poster :). Still searching through the forum for answers to this, but want to post in case I miss something. Luckily I made it to the O'Reileys in Dripping Springs, TX so I can get parts, etc - but I'm trying to get back to MN and obviously need a charging system...
  6. R

    Mystery plug/connector near oil pan. Please help identify?

    Can anyone tell me what this plug is for (see attached)? It emerges from a wiring bundle at the top of the oil pan, next to the alternator, and it is just hanging loosely. I have no idea where to connect it. I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 (3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel). Thank you!
  7. J Banning

    2014 2.1 torque specs needed - alternator pulley & power steering pump

    Can someone please help me with torque specs on the following: A) alternator pulley (the pulley itself, not the entire alternator) B) power steering pump bolts (the 2 that go into forward face of engine) Vehicle: 2014 Sprinter 2.1L 2wd cargo, no rear A/C. Thank you!
  8. gdhevans

    Wiring ‘non-standard’ alternator - 2004 t1n ex-ambulance

    Hi all, I have a 2004 Sprinter (ex-ambulance).. I’m trying to fit an alternator and need to find the dreaded D+ feed to excite the windings only when the engine is running.. I’ve searched the forum and found lots of information regarding the ‘body builder EK1’ terminal but I don’t have this...
  9. I

    Another LiFePO4 alternator charging question

    Hello.... I'm planning on switching out my AGM batteries with a LiFePO4 so that I can better handle supplying high loads via my inverter. I have 200W solar and having it charge the lithium battery with my MPPT controller is straight forward. Where I'm still having trouble is figuring out the...
  10. F

    Voltage drop on engine rev

    2014 Sprinter Diesel 3.0L with LTV camper on the back and 13K miles. Dealing with some low voltage error codes popping up and subsequent ABS/EPS/Traction control systems being flagged and disabled. Took a look at overall system voltage, so I put a multimeter on the system and noted 14.1v on...
  11. N

    T1N: 1994-2006 FS: Alternator 150A Bosch

    Factory Bosch 150A alternator. Removed at 67K miles to upgrade to 200A. Works great. Clutch is good. $75 plus shipping I take PayPal
  12. A

    ‘06 Conversion - Alternator/B-to-B installation Question

    Hi everyone!! I’m currently converting a 2006 Dodge Sprinter, ex Fedex fleet. I’m on the electrical stage of my van conversion and am a little confused on what to buy for the battery to battery charger according to my battery and alternator. I’ve estimated I’d use around 72Ah per day (fan has...
  13. W

    Alternator Trouble - Low Voltage

    I have a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter 2500. I had a no start morning a couple times in the last few weeks and finally the battery would hold no charge. I took it in and was told it came back as need to replace, so I did so. Low and behold the van dies after a short drive. The new battery was not...
  14. G

    Alternative to Nations for Second Alternator?

    Has anyone employed another solution to an under hood generator (second alternator) for house batteries (lithium in my case) than the Nations Alternator found here? I am most...
  15. I

    Dual Sensing Charging through Alternator

    Hi All - Can't seem to find the answer in old threads... I have the aux battery system connected directly to alternator via blue sea acr. Aux batt system receives charge from 200a solar panel to top off. When aux batteries are sufficiently charged the acr is dual sensing so should allow charge...
  16. G

    Warranty Voided with New Sprinter?

    I am working with a dealer who has given me conflicting information about modifications to a new 2018 Sprinter, saying I may void the warranty if I mess with the electrical system. I want to add: 1.) aftermarket high idle from mid-city engineering described here and here: here. Note: this...
  17. M

    2011 Sprinter Headlights Dimming / Possible Future Problems?

    Hey everyone, 2011 170 Extended 3.0 6cyl 245k miles. I've noticed recently driving on the highway at night that the headlights will sort of dim (significantly) for a second and then resume normal power. At first I couldn't tell if it was just me being tired but upon paying closer attention it's...
  18. C

    T1N Battery Voltage Fluctuating Sporadically

    Hi all. A couple of weeks ago, '06 T1N Sprinter had a weak but successful start. Next attempt, wouldn't crank except maybe one turnover. Called AAA, tested alternator, replaced battery. Now, battery light comes on occasionally (didn't happen before). Used voltmeter in outlet to monitor battery...
  19. J

    Maintaining a Valid Warranty

    I'm starting to convert a 2018 144" 4x4. I plan to do a lot of the work myself but am wondering if there are any jobs that I should avoid doing as they could potentially void the warranty. If i'm not mistaken the nations starter dual alternator I plan to install will need to be done by a...
  20. Carminooch615

    Failed idler / drive pulley & belt. Alternator to blame?

    I was driving at 45 mph in traffic the other day and heard a horrid squeaking noise. Being on a road with no shoulders and heavy traffic, I had to continue on and wait for a safe spot to pull over. The sound was a VERY loud squeaking and it mysteriously went away. Of course, the battery light...

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