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  1. J

    A/C Compressor shut off

    So my a/c wont work at all as in the compressor wont turn on. In the diagnostics computer is says reason for compressor shut off is Fehler EAC LIN. I know this means an error but what is the EAC LIN, and what might be the problem.
  2. OTG_Mike

    Sold Micro-Air Rooftop A/C Soft Starter - Boulder, CO

    I intended to add this to my Coleman Mach 8 air conditioner so it could run off the house batteries but we're likely going to be removing the A/C unit soon. Brand new in Box with receipt and instructions. Video installations are on YouTube too. Willing to ship too. $250 obo.
  3. Thenewguy

    05 T1N ATC Relay Replacement Guide (For No Fan Speeds)

    TLDR; This is for no fan speed (not the single fan speed resistor pack issue), after checking the blower is operable by jumping 12v to it to verify it is an AC ATC issue. This post will highlight the symptoms, and parts necessary for repair. After purchasing a new ATC module late last year...
  4. J

    NCV3 Rear AC Ductwork removal

    Hey guys! I'm new here, Excuse my french... ;) Anyone that removed the rear AC unit here who could tell me more about the idea of ONLY removing the back part ductwork? As seen on this image. We need head space, but just in the rear part that seems to be only vent ducts. Is it possible? Fairly...
  5. F

    Aircon problem

    I just recently bought a sprinter van 2011 MWB 313 cdi I drove it home aircon blasting no problem iv slowly started to notice it doesn’t kick in straight away comes on and I turn the car off takes 15 mins comes back and when it’s on it’s cold as ice it just has a problem getting started iv sat...
  6. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2015 Sprinter 170 Crew conversion Price Drop

    2015 Sprinter 170 crew Fully spray foamed with factory headliner. BFG TKO tires , Sumo springs front and rear . roof A/C ,leather driver and passenger seats with full swivel .Fiamma F 65 Polar white awning. Rear super fan,dish satellite dome. 160 watt Renogy solar panel 30 amp solar controller...
  7. C

    Replace auto climate control with non auto

    I own a 2004 sprinter passenger van with rear factor air The front dashboard mounted temp control is spinning all the way 360 Ac working however I have to play with dial awhile to find a place where ac col can I put a used non automatic climate control in place of my current automatic one...
  8. Kingtec.USA

    Kingtec KTD 12V DC Air Conditioner

    Hey guys, I've been lurking around these forums for a while now, I'm definitely personally interested in sprinter conversions. This interest has been what's been pushing me to lean into connecting with converters and informing them about the capabilities and benefits of a 12v electric AC unit...
  9. M

    Weird horn, radio, volume control issue

    I have a 2012 air stream interstate 3500 (2011 MB sprinter) that has some sort of electrical issue I think. So the radio/navigation system doesn't turn on UNLESS I have the house batteries for the RV on, then it works fine. However when it is on and working the volume controls on the steering...
  10. T

    AC not working / Blowing HOT Air - SOLVED!

    Been having problems with the AC in my van for a while now. It works intermittently, mostly in cooler temperatures. Anything over 80+F outside and it just blows hot air. After doing some of my own troubleshooting and taking it to a couple Sprinter Shops / AC shops here in Phoenix, no one had...
  11. Earp

    Help with 2008 A/C diagnosis. A/c not kicking on. Blowing warm

    I recently purchased a 2008 170 mega roof Freightliner sprinter. During initial test drive, I noticed the AC was not blowing cold. I discussed with the owner and he had said it was working just a month ago, but hasn’t used it since. Well I needed to drive it to Florida so I needed AC working...
  12. J

    Air conditioning compressor stops running after few mins. ECU codes unknown.

    My 2005 T1N van has issues with the AC system. Air conditioning compressor stops running within anywhere from 3-15 minutes after AC is turned on. Have to stop the engine and restart for it to work again, and again for few minutes. Connected iCarasoft MBII with Sprinter software and went to...
  13. V

    A/C is leaking

    Hey gang, My 2002 Dodge Freightliner Sprinter A/C is leaking into the passenger side cab. I only bought it a year ago with 205K miles on it. The A/C itself works great. It looks like an old problem, since after I pulled up the floor mats there was quite a bit of rust. Does anybody know how and...
  14. ptheland

    A/C duct issues?

    Are there any common places where the A/C and ventilation ducting commonly comes apart? I was driving down a bit of rough road (I-405 South, just past the Sepulveda Pass for those that are familiar with LA Area freeways) when I noticed that the air had stopped coming out of the dash vents. I...
  15. T

    AC diagnosis

    Well just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Took my 2006 Sprinter 2500 to a garage the other day. The AC was not working. I was told that the Compressor and the Controller were bad. NOT buying that they both were bad and the $1200 bill they were trying to con me out of I decided to do my own...
  16. V

    For Sale:Utah - X11 Air Conditioning Rooftop Package

    Continuing the (long, long) process of converting a 2016 2500 Passenger Van 144 highroof w/20k miles. One of the first parts to come off was the Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit. Tough call, as it worked exceptionally well. Super Cold. However, needed more the roof space and the headroom...
  17. BellaMarSpirits

    FS: original Kerstner air conditioner

    Next week I am having my Kerstner AC removed and replaced with a Penguin. I live in Southern California. I am also going to pull the inverters. I was told by OLDWest :thumbup: to inform the group. The AC unit worked but would shut down after 10 min of use:bash:. I have the cover as well! I...
  18. N

    2006 Sprinter Won’t Start When Hot

    I’ve learned so much the past few months from this forum and it’s helped a lot, but this is my first post. I purchased a T1N 06 Dodge Sprinter 2500 cargo van with approximately 3,300 the end of January, and it is now near 14,000 miles. It has performed flawlessly until two weeks ago with...
  19. B

    Rear A/C removal.

    Hello, This is my first post after countless hours on the site so I will start by saying thank you to everyone who has ever contributed. I am a proud new owner of a 2006 Sprinter 140'' with 90K miles. The van was previously used as a mobile dog wash and someone spent a good deal of money and...
  20. 33copper

    Ambient Air Temp Sensor missing and AC is intermittent

    Hello, I have searched the forum and have not found the answer I am looking for. My T1N is an 05, long and high roof cargo. The AC worked well for years and now it will work one startup and then it won't on another. I have it at the mechanic now and they said the Ambient Air Temp Sensor is...

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