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  1. J

    A/C Compressor shut off

    So my a/c wont work at all as in the compressor wont turn on. In the diagnostics computer is says reason for compressor shut off is Fehler EAC LIN. I know this means an error but what is the EAC LIN, and what might be the problem.
  2. OTG_Mike

    Sold Micro-Air Rooftop A/C Soft Starter - Boulder, CO

    I intended to add this to my Coleman Mach 8 air conditioner so it could run off the house batteries but we're likely going to be removing the A/C unit soon. Brand new in Box with receipt and instructions. Video installations are on YouTube too. Willing to ship too. $250 obo.
  3. J

    Factory rear A/C removal

    So I got my 2019 in Mid 2019 and a month later removed the rear factory ac unit. The A/C worked as just the front for over a year and a month ago stopped working. I took it to the dealer and they say it won’t work because it can’t read the rear pressure sensors for the rear ac. Not sure why it...
  4. Osidesurfa

    Advice Please. 2500 Crew Air Conditioner Add

    Im reaching out for advice on the best way to add additional AC. I have a 2020 Crew 144 RWD and had a 3rd row of seats added to now seat 8. Rows 1 and 2 do okay with factory AC, but its getting kinda stuffy for the 3rd row and its not even summer yet. We are not using it as a camper, so i...
  5. J

    NCV3 Rear AC Ductwork removal

    Hey guys! I'm new here, Excuse my french... ;) Anyone that removed the rear AC unit here who could tell me more about the idea of ONLY removing the back part ductwork? As seen on this image. We need head space, but just in the rear part that seems to be only vent ducts. Is it possible? Fairly...
  6. Kingtec.USA

    Kingtec KTD-1 Holiday Promotion

    Good Afternoon Everyone! I'm excited to share our newest holiday promotion. If you're interested in picking up a 12V AC unit, I'd recommend taking advantage of this opportunity! As mentioned, this is a limited offer but please email me at and I'd be happy to help. Have a...
  7. V

    T1N: 1994-2006 2004 Sprinter A/C and rear seat

    2004 Sprinter furthest rear seat and an A/C unit already removed. All mounting hardware included and both in great condition besides the armrest of the seat was chewed by the previous owner's dog. Asking $100 for the seat and $400 for the A/C unit. We also have floor mats, headliners(we're...
  8. C

    Cruise N Comfort USA HD-12L 12 Volt Air Conditioner *w/ additional DUAL Fan Condenser & Digital Thermostat

    Best A/C. I am not sure if any of you have used Cruise n Comfort, or any other brand?? I bought 2 of these identical Cruise n Comfort A/C systems. The best made A/C, with the Dual Fan Compressor, and upgraded Digital Thermostat. They are super cold at 8,000 BTU. I just listed one of these in...
  9. C

    ($1,200 discount) Cruise N Comfort USA HD-12L 12 Volt Air Conditioner *w/ additional DUAL Fan Condenser & Digital Thermostat

    I purchased 2 identical units from Cruise n Comfort, but since these have DUAL Fan Condensers, they cool at 8,000 BTU, so 2 are not needed for the camper van, as two of these Cruise-n-Comfort units will be too cold. You can email me at: or Call or Text me on my cell at...
  10. D

    Sold Coleman Mach 10 NDQ Low Profile Air Conditioner

    Coleman Mach 10 Low Profile NDQ AC unit from my 2020 Revel. Model 45253-8793. 13,500 BTU capacity. Used less than 15 hours. Located Park City, UT but could deliver anywhere between here and S. California. $500.
  11. G

    Dometic Penguin II

    I have a Dometic Penguin II currently installed in my van that I am looking to sell. Good working condition. Sorry about the awful photo. Happy to take some more detailed pics for any interested parties.
  12. C

    T1N: 1994-2006 Traverse City, MI, Rear AC

    Works great, removing it for more interior headroom and more solar juice. Maybe I'm a fool. Missing the shroud. $100 OBO, come pick it up.
  13. M

    Weird horn, radio, volume control issue

    I have a 2012 air stream interstate 3500 (2011 MB sprinter) that has some sort of electrical issue I think. So the radio/navigation system doesn't turn on UNLESS I have the house batteries for the RV on, then it works fine. However when it is on and working the volume controls on the steering...
  14. M

    2016 AC ROOF UNIT $500

  15. T

    AC not working / Blowing HOT Air - SOLVED!

    Been having problems with the AC in my van for a while now. It works intermittently, mostly in cooler temperatures. Anything over 80+F outside and it just blows hot air. After doing some of my own troubleshooting and taking it to a couple Sprinter Shops / AC shops here in Phoenix, no one had...
  16. N

    Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

    Hi all, I'm just starting the build out of my 2005 170" Sprinter and I'm looking for suggestions on the most energy efficient Air Conditioners out there. I know that AC is an energy hog, but I definitely want it. I work seasonal gigs on public lands so I travel a lot and should be ready for...
  17. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Free Rooftop AC parts, San Diego Area

    I've removed my rooftop A/C unit, and would prefer not to take it to the dump. If you can use any of the pieces, interior or exterior, and can pick it up in North San Diego County, please message me. I have not removed the compressor or any wiring harness that is connected to the main van...
  18. H

    Seeking Advice - Rooftop AC Removal & Fan Installation

    Hi! My vehicle: 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 / 144 / NCV3 (4X4) I have the factory rooftop AC unit that was designed to cool off passengers sitting in the cargo area of the van. A couple of photos are attached. I would like to remove the AC unit and install a Fantastic Fan. Does anyone...
  19. E

    0 bar on Front A/C refrigerant pressure in iCarSoft, sensor or leak?

    I decided to dig into my scantool for an idea of what might be wrong for my AC (it died a while back during cool weather, I've had the window down occasionally and it's been fine but summer is coming up) and this looked like the relevant screen in my iCarsoft MBII. I assumed it either "ran out"...
  20. V

    Ex-Ambulance Rear A/C (Highcool Brand)

    Hi all! Long time watcher, first time poster... After years of talking about it, followed by months of intense shopping, we finally bought our new (to us) Sprinter baby home on Sunday. It is a 2012 319 Sprinter, ex-SA ambo. We knew when we bought it (after stalking this forum for a long...

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