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  1. B

    Adventure Wagon Compatible Bed

    Other then Adventure Wagon’s MOAB bed and Flatline Van Co Adventure Wagon compatible bed, does any other company make an Adventure Wagon compatible L-Track bed?
  2. G

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 MB Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Wagon

    Enter ‘Darth Vandar’ AKA ‘Ben’. A German-made Mercedes Sprinter, the year 2017. This build is ideal for any Sprinter 4×4 (144) enthusiast looking for an Adventure Van with a bit of a Dark Side. This van has it all, with only 30k miles. The force is strong with this Van. For more information on...
  3. Vartan.Rocks

    VS30: 2019+ Adventure Wagon Moab Bed Install Kit - 170

    The install kit includes steel reinforcement wall bracers and L-track to attach you bed rails to. Brand new. Bought a kit for a customer who decided to go with an 80/20 system instead. Selling for $600 (including tax) Install Kit only for MB 170. No bed panels are included. Pick up in Monroe,WA
  4. D

    VS30: 2019+ Folding Solo Sleep System: Integrated Bed and Mattress (e.g., AdWagon "Monk Bunk") Los Angeles

    For Sale: Versatile Folding Bed and Mattress. Like new condition (was professionally made 1.5 years ago; very light use (~20 times max)). Perfect set up for solo travelers. Selling only because I am replacing with a full size (2-person) bed system. Similar to Adventure Wagon "Monk Bunk"...
  5. N

    WTB: MOAB Bed

    Hello, I am in the market for a Moab Bed for my 144 NCV3 Sprinter. Anyone selling one? If so, please shoot me an email at
  6. 530121393281

    VS30: 2019+ Adventure Wagon Rear Door, Lower Panels, Drivers & Passenger Side - Rocklin, CA

    New never-installed Adventure Wagon upholstered interior panels. Drivers and passengers side, for the lower section of the rear doors. Holes are drilled to match OEM holes in the door. Simple to install. The color is Heather Grey. I purchased the entire kit from Adventure Wagon and decided to...
  7. Eagle5

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed - Black Hex Top / Black Anodized. Tacoma, WA

    Location - Tacoma, WA Contact Info - PM. I will meet you locally in Tacoma. Cash or Venmo accepted. Price - $2,800 - Firm. Brand new Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed with the black hex top and black anodized aluminum. Sells for $3,350 new, plus estimated $200 shipping (and maybe sales tax) and...
  8. GHansen

    Sold Adventure Wagon Mule Bags

    For sale: Three 47" Adventure Wagon Mule Bags in green camouflage nylon. Also included if desired are four L-track pieces (124.5", 122", 65.5" and 64") along with ten mounting knobs/bolts and a quantity of stainless steel allen-head screws that had been used to fasten the L-track to to Rivnuts...
  9. crowdtastic

    Vancompass Falcon Shocks Review + Flatline and Adventure 10k mile Review

    If you are wonder about how the Vancompass Falcon Shocks kits is working out, watch this:
  10. L

    NCV3: 2006-2018 For Sale - 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Camper Van High Roof 144" Diesel

    Your adventure-mobile has arrived! Whether on the mountain trails, traveling the country, commuting to work during the week, or long-distance worker- this van is everything you have been looking for. Adventure and flexible camper van with Adventure Wagon kit and other upgrades. Perfect flexible...

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