a/c failure

  1. J

    A/c not working, anyone have suggestions?

    Background: 2013 Mercedes sprinter 2500 cargo van, approx 110,000 miles. About a week ago my ac just never turned on with the car and my van wouldn’t start until I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. I also initially had a red battery indicator light which then went away. I have a...
  2. Earp

    Help with 2008 A/C diagnosis. A/c not kicking on. Blowing warm

    I recently purchased a 2008 170 mega roof Freightliner sprinter. During initial test drive, I noticed the AC was not blowing cold. I discussed with the owner and he had said it was working just a month ago, but hasn’t used it since. Well I needed to drive it to Florida so I needed AC working...
  3. Y

    2014 sprinter A/C compressor clutch engage

    why do my 2014 sprinter A/C compressor clutch engaged when A/C switch off? By the way my a/c blow the warm air and both of condenser's fan not running, but when I jump 12v from external battery to test the relay and then the fan are running.
  4. S

    Oops, drilled a hole through Rear AC gas line in side panel

    Hi, first post, but a frequent reader of the forum... I'm in the midst of a camper van conversion for my 2005 passenger T1N. While attempting to put up hardware to hang curtains I was at the back of the van drilling a hole in the top left hand corner of the plastic panel that surrounds the long...
  5. Z

    Rear A/C problem, Leak

    I recently purchased a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 passenger van. The rear A/C was not blowing cold when I purchased it. I had it serviced (they charged it) and everything was going great! I enjoyed hearing the kids' teeth chattering as they stuttered its c-c-c-cold!!!! On the return trip from...
  6. T

    NCV3 A/C failure

    Hi all! Both of our 07 Sprinter 2500 diesel's have suffered an a/c failure in the past year. The first van is the low mileage one and the a/c compressor clutch froze up at 96K, took out the belt too. End of the belt looked like dreadlocks! No screech, whine, thump or any other related noise...

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