a/c compressor failure

  1. Earp

    Help with 2008 A/C diagnosis. A/c not kicking on. Blowing warm

    I recently purchased a 2008 170 mega roof Freightliner sprinter. During initial test drive, I noticed the AC was not blowing cold. I discussed with the owner and he had said it was working just a month ago, but hasn’t used it since. Well I needed to drive it to Florida so I needed AC working...
  2. T

    a/c oil capacity

    Hi all! My 2007 2500 3.0 diesel, single air had a catastrophic compressor failure and I've finally got a chance to replace the compressor. The new Denso comes filled with oil. Here's the thing...left the old compressor overturned overnight above a pan to catch the old oil so the right amount...

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