1. T

    “Squiggly” noise on braking.

    My 2013 2500 170” V6 with 90,000 miles is making a “squiggly” - “liquify” noise on the left front when braking. This does not happen when first starting and everything is cold. Noise can be heard mainly at low speed braking. Noise can also be heard when turning left at very low speed, both...
  2. C

    Intermittent Power Loss

    2006 NAFTA 2500 - Prior FedEx On random intervals between ~100 and ~9,000 miles, my Sprinter will stop "pushing" forward while my foot is on the pedal. The engine continues to run fine. Everything goes back to normal after about a second of the wheels not having power. No restart necessary...
  3. F

    Voltage drop on engine rev

    2014 Sprinter Diesel 3.0L with LTV camper on the back and 13K miles. Dealing with some low voltage error codes popping up and subsequent ABS/EPS/Traction control systems being flagged and disabled. Took a look at overall system voltage, so I put a multimeter on the system and noted 14.1v on...
  4. J

    Instrument cluster fire

    Last week I woke up to a fire in my instrument cluster. Upon inspection it was caused by a previous owner placing an aftermarket alarm system ( that shorted) directly to the ignition. 53 splices later and some new junkyard parts INCLUDING A BEW INSTRUMENT CLUSTER I have repaired all visible...
  5. S

    2002 Freightliner 2500 - ABS/ Wheel speed/Limp Home Mode

    Hello everyone, My sprinter has had the ABS and traction lights on for sometime with no major issues. Indication for the left rear wheel speed sensor. I have been disregarding it until this week. I changed the entire parking brake assembly from the front cable to the pads and springs. This...
  6. M

    Noticeable drag at low speed

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 at 180,000 KM (111,000 miles). When coasting at slow speed or accelerating from a standstill, there is some noticeable drag (like the brake is on). Having only driven an U-Haul Ford E-series before, I thought this is normal, being a heavy...
  7. Roberto Valdez Chacon

    Can i use a rear speed sensor in the fron position of the passenger side?

    I find this part: a9015421117 and is for the rear wheel. Can i put that part in the front passenger wheel.?
  8. H

    Underlying problem leading to failure of front wheel speed ABS sensor

    In the last two days, the left front wheel speed ABS sensor of my Leisure Travel Sprinter 3500 van has failed twice. Every time, just seconds before I got the ESP, ABS and Visit Workshop dashboard messages with the wheel skidding icon, I felt something snap around the front left wheel followed...
  9. Roberto Valdez Chacon

    the abs light and slip control turns on and off every 5 or 10 minutes

    I've been driving the van with a random error. This random error occurs regardless of bumps in the road. This error occurs regardless of the position of the front tires or speed. The last time I had this problem was a wheel speed sensor. In this forum a group of generous humans told me to move...
  10. S

    ESP & ABS intermittent error & CAN bus connectivity

    Running into an issue with our 2014 906.155. Dash lit up with ABS, ESP, and traction warnings (images at end). Used newly acquired Scanner (Autel Maxidiag MD808 PRO) to get codes -- will be posting review in scanner section and adding link here. Showing intermittent inability to get wheel...
  11. B

    Abs Issue.. Module??

    Hey, I have a 2006 Freightliner Sprinter 3500, I have an ABS light on, My garage looked over everything.. Lights are properly working, sensors are clean and wires are not cracked. The Left Front wheel was reading lower volts when they would spin the wheel. They replaced the sensor, still...
  12. B

    Replaced multi function switch and now ABS light is on

    I replaced the turn signal multi function switch over the weekend and now my ABS, ESP, and ASR/BAS indicator lights are on. I disconnected the battery before changing the switch. The manual it says “if the voltage drops below 10volts these systems will be deactivated.” I am getting 12.5 volts...
  13. Roberto Valdez Chacon

    Lights abs come on when I move speed sensor wiring

    Yesterday I change the front dampers. When i move the wiring the light come on and When I put the wiring in a different position the abs sistem work fine but when turning the vehicle's steering the light come on again and the abs sistem dont work. Sometimes the light goes on with a slope of the...
  14. Preston

    ABS, ESP and Wheel balance Lights on/ Can't take it out of Park.

    I woke this morning to find that I couldn't take my '04 118" Sprinter out of PARK. The ABS, ESP and Wheel balance lights are ON. I inspected the tires and did a visual around each wheel. Nothing looks different... I have a Bosch 1100 Code reader, but of course this model doesn't read Sprinter...
  15. P

    2013 - 3500 ABS, ESP and ASR Dash Indicator Lights On Simultanously

    Today in my 2013 Sprinter 3500, the ABS, ESP and ASR dash indicator lights suddenly came on after departing from a fill-up. It had just been driven about 200 miles with zero issues. After driving a few miles I pulled over and stopped it, turned off the ignition, restarted and the lights cut off...
  16. M

    Electrical "funny buisiness" question

    Hey everyone! First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone for the extremely helpful how-to guides on the forum. They have been very informative and helped me do a lot of my own work so far. I recently purchased an 05' ~140wb, high roof, Sprinter 2500, and about 5 miles into my first...
  17. T

    ABS and Traction Control Lights

    2006, 3500 dually, 163,000 miles, OM647, SHC, 158, cargo ABS and Traction Control Lights (only, no ESR or Brake lights). How do I turn these off? :bash::yell: A few months ago these came on intermittently, then after a couple of weeks came on continuously. I never noticed any change in braking...
  18. S

    '05/ 06 ABS problem

    Several months ago I posted on here about an electrical issue I have. It causes the headlights to flicker/ strobe but only at speeds over 40mph. I went to see Dennis's (lindenengineering) brother Gordon, and he suggested pulling the ABS fuses ans see what happens. Last night I did just this and...
  19. L

    abs traction control and asr lights on but no codes showing

    Can anyone throw light on this problem please? Abs , traction control and asr dash lights came on after going over tram lines but no codes showing - MB garage have no idea...?:hmmm: Should add it's a 316 van, abs rings not damaged
  20. skyeg3

    dashboard light show after multifunction switch replacement

    After the turn signals stopped working on my 05, we replaced the multifunction switch using hulagun’s instructions here: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23079 The turn signals worked after install but the SRS light on the dashboard came on. After a half block of driving the...

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