1. RonaldRaygun

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2011 Sprinter 144" Crew 2500 Great Shape $26,500

    2011 Freightliner Sprinter 144" Crew 2500, Great Shape, $26,500 Up for sale is my 2011 Freightliner Sprinter 144" Crew 2500. This van has seating for 5 passengers, has a gray cloth interior, and is Arctic White. V6 turbo diesel/5-speed automatic. It is badged as a Mercedes. The full spec...
  2. V

    2013 Sprinter 2500 - check engine

    2013 Sprinter 2500 - 144”, high roof, crew edition, 136,187 miles. Diesel. Very frustrated Sprinter owner here...about 2,000 miles ago, I was faced with the DEF light/10 starts left situation. After exhausting all my options, I brought it to Mercedes. Turns out it was a bad DEF injection...
  3. J

    Looking To Buy 118 WB Sprinter

    Anyone know anyone who has a 118 WB Sprinter they might be open to selling...(preferably the super high ceiling)? I believe the 118 WB was only offered with the t1N model (dodge 2004-2006). Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! (price dependent on mileage / condition)
  4. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2012 Mercedes 2500 170" WB Full Conversion

    Hello, I am selling my 2012 Mercedes Sprinter Van 2500 with the 170" wheel base. As a whole, the van is in pretty good condition with only 84,000 miles. It is completely converted. Below are the list of things that have been done to the van. -Insulated with 2 inch think rigid foam board...
  5. O

    T1N: 1994-2006 Rear Axle Assembly - Differential Needs Rebuild (Los Angeles)

    Hello my Sprinter people - Long story short, an unnoticed oil leak caused my differential to lock up. Thankful I noticed a strange noise and pulled off the highway in time, I was going about 15/20mph when she locked up (leaving an impressive skid mark behind. Ended up throwing a used rear axle...
  6. J

    Rear rides lower than front axle on 170WB 2500 Conversion

    Hi everyone, The rear of my van rides significantly lower than the front, almost 2" at the wheel well. It's a conversion I built myself, it weighs almost 9,000lbs so it's possible the rear is heavier. I did replace the front struts when buying the van at 185k, but not the front. Will replacing...
  7. Z

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 MB 144 4x4 conversion Van

    2017 MB Sprinter 4x4 2500 Blue Grey Color High Roof Crew Van Minimalist Plus Build 23,500 miles Located in Northern California. 1 owner, transferable Service interval B free of charge, Title in Hand. Vehicle Additions: Two place rear seat ( cut down ) but can swap for 3 place bench if...
  8. S

    DEF injector feed line replacement

    Anyone know of a good place to find a def injector feed line replacement? I recently suffered a flex pipe failure on my 2012 Sprinter 2500. I ended up with burnt wires which I replaced successfully and codes are gone. Now I have found the def line is leaking. It seems to have been burnt just...
  9. B

    Servicing the transmission valve body

    I have a 2006 2500 sprinter and I'm replacing my torque converter. There was a bunch of sludge at the bottom of the pan. No chunks just sludge. Do I need to service the valve body or will new fluids flush out the valve body? Bryan
  10. B


    I was driving home and turned into my neighborhood and the transmission slipped some but acted fine after I made the turn and I got home fine. About half hour later I left my house and I stopped at a stop sign and my van was acting like it was in neutral. I turned off my van and waited 1 minute...
  11. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 New Bilstein Struts - North Carolina

    Bilstein 22-184238 Front Struts - qty: 2 Plus aftermarket covers/bellows. These are new, delivered to me in Charlotte, NC week of 5/13/2019. They fit my NCV3 2008 Sprinter 2500 177". Probably others. $75 each plus shipping. If you're interested in why I'm selling my new struts read on...
  12. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Wanted: 2008 passenger interior trim

    I'm looking for several pieces of interior trim for a 2008 2500 170"wb trim piece(s) covering the pillars behind the driver and front pax seat. These wrap around the pillars and span from floor to ceiling. interior trim surrounding the rear door opening. Probably three pieces: one on each...
  13. B

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 - 144" Sprinter 2500 $90K obo Bend, OR!

    New 144" Sprinter 2500 $90K obo Bend, OR! Location: Bend, Oregon Contact: info@prepbend.com Price: $90,000 obo Mileage: 300 total miles! Color: True Blue High Roof. V6 Diesel. Automatic. 4x4. Heated Leather Seats. Air Conditioned Front. Bluetooth Audio. Backup Camera. 5,000lb. Tow...
  14. S

    Low beam problems

    Hey Everyone- I have a 2016 Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van. This is my first problem and my first attempt to get some advice as a new member I hope this is the way to do it! My drivers side low beam was out so I replaced it : but no light! Turned out there was nothing wrong with the old bulb. I don’t...
  15. T

    [B]2005 Sprinter Van 144” 2500 Low Roof Passenger Conversion Van - Los Angeles[/B]

    HI!, i'm selling my dear Sprinter Van after a long trip during the summer, it has 190.000 original miles. It's in perfect running condition, only has some minor bodywork details. -Registered in California -2.7 L Turbo Diesel -Automatic transmission -RWD -ABS, traction control (can be switched...
  16. B

    WANTED TO BUY 04 -06 Sprinter passenger 158" WB

    Hi everyone I'm in Chicago and will travel anywhere for the right Sprinter. Looking for a SHC 158" WB 2500 passenger van. Can be a cargo but must have windows all around. Under 130k miles. Please get in touch ASAP. Have cash in hand thanks much. Call or text N. George 773-870-6666
  17. Neil2

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Passenger

    This van, originally bought by a city and apparently they put our tax dollars to work . . . in their own interest, because she's LOADED with options! I'm the second owner, selling to downsize. LOW, 73k miles (<5k/year!) at least 39k are highway miles. Original owner's manuals included. No...
  18. J

    2008 frieghtliner sprinter 2500 3L .. 600W Inline heater WORKS WORKS WORKS WELL!!

    So Sat morning was 12 degrees here in Ohio and my van would not start AGAIN .. so i had a 600W zerostart Inline heater installed ... Sunday morning -6 degrees and she fired right up ZERO Hesitation!! was 2 degrees this morning and again Fired right up!!! So if your having cold start problems get...
  19. I

    Considering buying a 2008 2500 170. Needs Swirl Valve Service

    Hi everyone! New here and considering buying a 2008 2500 170 for a conversion. It only has 108,000 miles and some rust. The main issue is that it needs swirl valve service. I'm not sure what that means, but from what I've read it looks like I'll need to replace the intake manifold. I'd be...
  20. G

    Buying a Rebuilt 2002 Sprinter Engine 2.7

    Hello fellow Sprinter owners. My engine blew on my 2002 Sprinter with 158,000 miles..Has anyone heard of US Sprinter Inc out of Alsip, Illinois? Any feedback much appreciated as I know they are a small outfit.They rebuild Sprinter engines and the price is great but I am a little hesitant to pull...

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