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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2014 Sprinter 2500 - High Roof - 2.1L I4 - 65k Miles - Ventura, CA

    Selling as second owner to 2014 Sprinter 2500 Cargo - sought after 4cy. Purchased from dealership in 2017 where first owner used it as bakery delivery. Owner traded it in with low miles 26k. Took it to https://automotivedesignsandfab.com/sprinters/ for a build out that included: -Sound...
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    2014 Low Roof Conversion called Wanderweg

    So we took the plunge and purchased a 2014 Sprinter Low Roof we have dubbed Wanderweg. This vehicle will be a daily driver and weekend warrior. First goals are to insulate the van and start exploring in it. Once we get some time in it, we will devise our grand scheme. Already completed...
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    Review notes on 2013 Free Spirit FS22

    I attempted to post this earlier, but it somehow seemlngly disappeared in hyperspace. My apologies if anyone finds the other (less complete) version and realizes the potential duplication. I bought at 20013 Leisure Travel Free Spirit (FS 22) a couple of months ago and have now after a few...
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    2014 Sprinter Dealer ordering documents

    Am buying a new 2014 Sprinter. My dealer gave me these to help me decide my configuration.

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