1. J

    Looking To Buy 118 WB Sprinter

    Anyone know anyone who has a 118 WB Sprinter they might be open to selling...(preferably the super high ceiling)? I believe the 118 WB was only offered with the t1N model (dodge 2004-2006). Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! (price dependent on mileage / condition)
  2. sarl_cagan

    Wanted: 2004-2006 Sprinter Van (Dodge/Mercedes/Freightliner) - $15,000

    Hello sprinter folk! A shot in the dark here... but here goes! I'm looking to purchase a 2004-2006 T1N Sprinter cargo van. I'm located in Portland, Oregon but willing to travel a bit if things look promising. If you have a van you'd like to sell, or know of someone with one, feel free to...
  3. T

    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 T1N 140” Dodge Sprinter 2500 2.7 L Diesel - $17,000.00

    We are selling our van we lovingly dubbed “Tina”. She runs great, has been fun, but unfortunately grad school is kicking our butts and we really need something smaller for city dwelling. We’ve driven her back and forth from NOLA to Northern MI and she has been really good to us. We hope when our...
  4. E

    Early 2006 - water heater doesn't work on 110 VAC

    This is the first try at getting hot water. Replaced the converter and fuse panel yesterday and now the batteries charge, etc. So moved on to hot water. With the system using house water and all the air purged through the sink moved to switch to water heater and then pushed the switch under...
  5. T

    AC issue on my 2006 dodge sprinter van

    Hi! I recently purchased my Dodge Sprinter van 2006 with 130k on. It's a great van and I'm so happy with it! However I just realized that the heating/ac system is not working properly. I don't know where to start from to diagnose the issue, I'm not sure if it's about the resistant, the air...
  6. B

    Servicing the transmission valve body

    I have a 2006 2500 sprinter and I'm replacing my torque converter. There was a bunch of sludge at the bottom of the pan. No chunks just sludge. Do I need to service the valve body or will new fluids flush out the valve body? Bryan
  7. S

    Help! please take a look at this underbody

    Really want to buy this 06 but would absolutely love if someone more knowledgeable took a really hard look at these two 30 second videos of the underbody and let me know what they think. I can donate some PayPal to u if u really check it out and would like five or ten bucks. Thanks in advance...
  8. C

    2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 high roof 144 WB Camarillo CA

    Dodge sprinter 2500, passenger van, diesel, power steering, power windows, AC, brand new tires, newly painted top, 285,095 miles. Good condition. Photos show no seats in back rows but I have the seats. Recently put back in but do not have photo posted here.
  9. L

    any buying advice greatly apreciated 2006

    I'm headed to north Carolin to look at a van tomorrow. Its by far the largest purchase I've ever made and I want to get it right. unfortunately with limited time a wasn't able to schedule a buyers inspection, but I'm hopeful that I can make an honest deal with the guy. hes a retired electrician...
  10. L

    04-06 144/170 (not ext.) hi roof 2500 in CA/NC

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking the forums and internet scouting daily for the last few months, and figured I'd put an ad up for what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a low miles (for the year), clean, ideally rust-free, sprinter shell. Can be located anywhere in California or North Carolina...
  11. P

    200A alternator bolt up if replacing 150A?

    Looking to replace the 150A alt on our 06 T1N passenger. Given it's part time use as a simple camper, I'd like to upgrade to the AL0817N alternator. Pics look like it's a bolt up proposition, and car places say it will fit. But none of the write ups specifically mention replacing a 120/150...
  12. P

    ESPAR sanity check

    Looking for a quick read on if I'm interpreting the troubleshooting instructions correctly. Have read through all the various threads, etc. Here's the specifics: 06 T1N passenger with aux heat, REST & 7 day timer. (Also rear heat) ESPAR was working fine a year or more ago, but we don't use it...
  13. D

    Need advice on this sprinter purchase!

    Im at a dealership buying a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 158" 3500 158k miles. List price is $8000. I need help determining if this is a good deal (will post pictures in a few minutes). The good: Power windows Incredibly low amount of rust on exterior Cruise control (and I think this means there is ABS...
  14. theOMsound

    Riveted Floor? 2006 T1N

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum but have been using it for info for a while now; what an amazing, community based resource! Ok, to business: Has anyone seen a floor like this? I have a 2006 T1N that I'm converting into a tour van (we're musicians) - adding seats, insulating, and potentially...
  15. D

    Potential purchase 06 Sprinter 3500 140WB HR

    Hello all, I've been just starting to look for a sprinter van this last month or so to convert into a camper van. My need to haves were the high roof, so I could stand up, and a regular wheelbase, so it could easily be parked. I think I've found one in satisfactory condition and only an hour...
  16. S

    Dash brake light wont turn off

    i got a 2006 dodge sprinter and the brake light on the dash came on i have replaced the master and checked the speen sensors but cant seem to figure out why the brake light is on the fluid has been checked and the brake lamp switch as well if anyone has any idea i am open to suggestions to...
  17. M

    Need help powering After Market radio through cigarette lighter

    Hi all, Dodge Sprinter 2006 140" WB. Single. 2500 I need help powering After Market radio through cigarette lighter. Something is wrong with regular power wire. It is blowing up 40 amp fuses on contact. The mechanic said he had to take apart the whole dashboard to find the problem. But its not...
  18. 4

    New member - 416cdi

    Gday fellas, Im a tradesman and an owner of a 2006 2.7Ltr 416cdi Sprinter van with hi-roof LWB, sprintshift and every other option imaginable. With the price the dealer (Easter Creek Sydney) charged me for all the options I could have bought another second hand sprinter lol. I joined this forum...
  19. M

    2006 w/ siezed engine...

    I have a 2006, which I've owned since it was new (currently 160K miles). On a recent trip, I detected a new noise at idle. Once I completed the trip I took it to my dealer/mechanic to determine the source. They isolated it to the #3 cylinder injector and replaced the injector. This lessened the...
  20. jrpause

    How Do I Add Rear Air Conditioning?

    I have a 2006 Sprinter 3500 that has been converted for video production use. We currently have a roof a/c unit but it pulls too much power to run when the rest of the on-board computers and equipment are running. I have considered separating its power input but that brings up other problems. I...

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