1. J

    Rear rides lower than front axle on 170WB 2500 Conversion

    Hi everyone, The rear of my van rides significantly lower than the front, almost 2" at the wheel well. It's a conversion I built myself, it weighs almost 9,000lbs so it's possible the rear is heavier. I did replace the front struts when buying the van at 185k, but not the front. Will replacing...
  2. R

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 170 4x4 being built and for sale! (Changeable)

    We have a white 2018 4x4 with 7000 miles on it being built and for sale. It currently has roof rack, power Dometic awning, 340 W solar panel, seating for five, CR Lawrence windows all around, and fiberglass pop outs for bed area installed. The layout we have designed for this van is...
  3. B

    2019 4x4 144 and 177 Available for Conversion

    Beartooth Vanworks has 2 brand new sprinters coming to our shop in September and October. Both straight from the factory loaded with various features. We're willing to put your name on the title so there's only one owner when you take delivery of your conversion and van. Vehicles will be...
  4. 2

    Winter ❄️ Frozen

    Now that Spring has arrived our conversion build out of the beast begins. My thanks to all for your project posts. Many great-time saving post and threads. :cheers:
  5. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 170 Crew 4x4 Black - Pleasanton, CA - $88k

    The van specs: 2018 170 Crew, ~5k miles (2 ski trips). Original owner. I designed the van to be modular for hauling different types of equipment (ski, surf, camping) and varying amounts of people (2, 5, or 8 seat belts with factory OEM benches (1 or 2)). The major components are from RB...
  6. N

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 mb sprinter 170 high roof cargo 4x4 10k miles CA

    Putting the feelers out. Had a change of plans .I have a white 2016 Mercedes Benz sprinter 170 wheel base high roof cargo 4x4. Has navigation, backup camera, installed maxxair fan in rear, aluminess ladder, and factory roof rails,Steel rims with plenty of tread on tires. I have installed the...
  7. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Wanted: 2008 passenger interior trim

    I'm looking for several pieces of interior trim for a 2008 2500 170"wb trim piece(s) covering the pillars behind the driver and front pax seat. These wrap around the pillars and span from floor to ceiling. interior trim surrounding the rear door opening. Probably three pieces: one on each...
  8. T

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Headliner 170 : Lakeland, Florida

    I have a mint condition, brand new Headliner available from a 2018 170 Crew. Behind driver/passenger to the back. All oem clips included. Help as needed. Lakeland, FL PM for details $400 obo
  9. R

    NCV3: 2006-2018 FOR SALE: 2015 Sprinter 2500 170" High Top Camper Conversion - 43k miles - $55k

    I am selling my recently converted Mercedes Sprinter with an asking price of $55,000: 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 170 WB High Roof 2.1L I4 DOHC Turbodiesel Rear Wheel Drive 43,000 Miles New Camper Conversion Clean title in hand All maintenance and conversion receipts available 21-23 mpg I...
  10. travisap

    Is a 170 WB Sprinter Van considered an "RV"? Camping/Parking Limitations

    Is the 170 WB (not extended) Sprinter Van considered an RV? Would we be limited to certain campground sites due to its size? Thanks! -Travis
  11. S

    New Build of one of the last NCV3s

    Hi Everyone. Steve here. I took delivery on a 2018 170 4x4 in Graphite Gray Metallic a few weeks ago in August. Being in NE Florida it took a considerable amount of time to find one within 1000 miles. I had a factory order canceled, I had several sold while I was looking at them. It was a...
  12. B

    2016 170 Mercedes Benz Modular Conversion MT - $77500

    Start your summer off with a sprinter van! The Diamondback is a dynamic minimalist van conversion by Beartooth Vanworks out of Bozeman Montana. This model features our modular component system that allows you to move every piece and part around your van using MacTracks. With over 74 linear feet...
  13. B

    Winnebago ERA 170M,2017: Protect trunk light switch, organize rear storage

    (Sorry if the images don't appear cleanly... in preview it's showing a link instead of the images... a permissions issue with my account, maybe?) This is a review of things I've installed in my trunk previously, as well as some updated changes. I'm going to roll them all into one, but I didn't...
  14. L

    04-06 144/170 (not ext.) hi roof 2500 in CA/NC

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking the forums and internet scouting daily for the last few months, and figured I'd put an ad up for what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a low miles (for the year), clean, ideally rust-free, sprinter shell. Can be located anywhere in California or North Carolina...
  15. 2

    2011 Fully Converted Tiny House Sprinter 170”WB High Roof (Portland, OR)

    2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 2500 High Roof, 170" WB V6 Turbo Diesel Engine Freightliner White Cargo Trim Odometer 242000 miles This custom up-fit RV conversion featuring bright wood throughout is cozy and spacious. I built a comfortable home for an extended national park adventure. This...
  16. E

    New Tires for 2016 3500 4x4 XL

    Hello - Our stock Continental Tires have worn out at 38,000 miles with 90% highway driving. (About 20k a year) I expect to drive same in future but will now be combining towing with 20% dirt road travel. Looking for reccomendation on best highway tire yet has sturdy dirt road capabilities...
  17. S

    2016-170 Headliner, Floors, Sidepaneling-CA

    Headliner with some most of the plastic clips- This does not include the headliner piece above the driver and passenger- $150 Rubber flooring that has Crew van cutouts. It does have the markings to cut out for passenger van with D rings- We kept two d rings.- $75 Side paneling for lower rear...
  18. P

    Norcold Refrigerator 170X ERA N3104 Error or Fault Code 1 - Then stopped cooling.

    Hi, My Norcold Refrigerator model N3105 in my 2014 170x Winnebago ERA just started flashing all the lights and showed error or fault code "1". I looked up the error code in the manual and it said to contact a dealer; which isn't very helpful. When it happened, I was parked on a perfectly level...

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