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Default Shower Toilet Combo

Any one ever built a shower pan with toilet you could sit on and shower or know where you can buy one like in some of the factory conversions. I am starting a 158 wheelbase SHC conversion and want a shower
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Default Re: Shower Toilet Combo

Here's a site that sells combo shower pans http://www.rvsurplus.net/catalog/dis...roduct_id=3128


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Default Re: Shower Toilet Combo

Have you used a toilet shower combo? Pretty cramped quarters.

A really easy alternative is to use an aisle shower. I'll admit that my DIY is quite rudimentary--I use a $4 HD mortar tub to capture the water and two shower curtains hung from the ceiling. Not difficult to empty a couple of gallons of water afterwards.

(The truth is we have a fabulous warm-weather shower---a shower "sock" envelopes the open back doors and we get a 28"x56"x96" shower stall with the mortar tub at ground level. Elbow room and a scene from Petticoat Junction)

Sorry to not answer your question more directly....good luck with your solution!
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Default Re: Shower Toilet Combo

I have seen combos in towable RV's. I've used combos in Hong Kong and I hate them. I can't get use to using the toilet with a wet floor and taking a shower with a filthy one. Yeah, I can use slippers, but still.

Best shower idea I've seen...

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