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Default Advancing Alvar

Monday, May 5, 2014, Alvar was conceived. Why Alvar? First, Advanced RV has a penchant for naming all of their Class B vans. Secondly, I went with that spirit wanted to do the naming. Alvar was a name I lobbied for my son and my two grandsons with no fruition and total dismissal. And, I thought Alvar Stovall was a alliterative, poetic name. :)

Alvar is for Alvar Aalto a famous Finnish architect of the 20th Century and probably the architect I most admired in my architectural education. Thirdly, have you looked at the cabinetry of an Advanced RV? See any similarity?

1939 World’s Fair Finnish Pavilion

So, Alvar it is. The first step was to go back to Advanced RV after the Fest to sit down with Advanced RV and choose a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis and all the basic and desired options. We had made our decision ahead of time and attended Advanced Fest more as a formality and to continue our social aspects of meeting with other Class B owners. If anything, I was encouraged and reinforced in our decision.

Then we spent an exhaustive day Monday picking the desired color of the B (Graphite Grey Metallic, BTW), the interior finishes and on and on. Our first commitment step was to put down a refundable deposit to get the Sprinter ordered and in the queue. Advanced RV will come back with a package of information from which we will agree on and then make another deposit that will be a firm commitment so more things like ordering of materials and cabinet construction can commence or at least get scheduled.

There will be some design changes to their standard inside layout. I sent a drawing in advance of Advanced Fest to let them know of our desires. After looking at their Bs and seeing what else had been built we started discussing modifications. So those things have yet to be worked out, but we have a pretty good mutual understanding of our goals. The important thing is Advanced RV seems as enthusiastic about our design as we are.

Our best estimate is this may be around an 8 month process. That could change. We know we will have to continue our travels in our Great West Legend this summer and fall, but our goal is to go to Arizona in the 2015 winter/spring time frame with a dry camping B. Ordering for the 2015 Sprinter chassis can begin this coming Monday. We desired that even though supposedly there are no changes. We hope this doesn’t delay too much but there will be a delay over ordering a 2014 chassis.

That’s where we are today. Stay tuned.
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Congratulations!!! I especially like your choice of color. I did not want to wait so I picked a standard silver metallic chassis in stock to save many months. What major changes are you planning? Keep us posted on your progress!
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Very cool. Good luck Davydd, will be interested in this story.

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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

In the past you expressed a wish for twin beds that would raise up like a hospital bed so one could lounge and read in the rear in your future B. I loved that idea.

I can't wait to see the design that results from an architect (you) and engineer (Mike N.) planning a custom layout.
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Congratulations Davydd, I look forward to seeing your modifications and color/material choices. It was a pleasure working with Mike and the staff. We picked up our Advanced RV last month. It has exceeded our expectations in almost every area. Sorry that we were not able to attend the Advanced weekend. I would like to have met you and the other attendees. I always enjoy your comments on this board. We hope that you enjoy the process and incredible product as much as we do. Regards, Joe
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

The 2015's will have a "Crosswind Assist" program added to their stability programming. According to Dave the Sprinter guy in Austin, TX. He sell all the Sprinters to Sportsmobile of Austin. That's basically the only difference between the '14's & 15's according to him.

Excited for you guys and anxious to follow the process.....
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Congratulations -- looking forward to progress reports.
-- Mike
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Congrats. I really wanted the Advanced and we visited them last summer but I promised my wife to stick to the budget from the sale of our 16 yr old Prevost Bus. And while I really liked EVERTHING about their unit, except the cost. And last summer till now many improvements have been made and reflected in the cost.

Wondering, are you going to sell you used Great West privately? Its a shame Mike doesn't have any trade program available, yet. :):):)
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

I haven't made any plans yet but it will be for sale. I don't have a condition that I have to sell it in order to buy the new one. So timing is not critical. If anyone is interested we can always talk. We are planning a New England, Maritimes trip this late August and September with the Great West Van but that can be flexible. This summer will be short midweek trips in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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Default Re: Advancing Alvar

Here is The Fit RV's blog post on Advanced Fest with a few photos. I'm in some of the photos but not the exercising ones. ;)

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