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Default Bottom of windshield rust

I just bought a 2005 MB Cruiser with 84,000 miles on it and it has some rust between the weather seal and the body at the bottom of the windshield. I was told by a body shop that services Fedex that this is common on these vans and that they have never repaired one without breaking the windshield when it is removed. Has anybody got any experience with this rust repair? I plan to keep the RV for a long time and I want to get this problem addressed before it gets worse. Thanks.
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

Can you store the vehicle inside for a few days? The nuisance part of this for most people is arranging to have the 'screen worked on twice, rather than the typical wham-bam one hour replacement.

The body shop is right - both the T1N and the NCV3s rust there. My four year old NCV3 with just 130,000 miles just had a replacement ' screen - it already has the beginnings of corrosion around the aperture. Not much you can do apart as the seal is the cause, it rubs against the paint...
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

The windscreen (OK Simon? ) is bedded and sealed by the adhesive. On my 2004 I carefully slit and removed the "look pretty" rubber edge which was trapping and holding moisture. The lower part of my windscreen is hidden by the hood anyway so I don't worry about the looks. That slowed the rusting process, not halted it though.

This coming summer I plan to scrape the rust, prime, top coat and then apply a bead of polyurethane like I did on the top section already.


I've considered gluing an EDPM roof membrane "skirt" to the glass to shed water down over the lower seal. At this time I'm on the fence about implementing that because the water may find its way in anyway. vic
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

Thanks for the quick responses and the link to the technical write-up on this problem. I plan to visit a few repair shops tomorrow to get some estimates. My approach will be to have the windshield removed, the rust damaged metal repaired or replaced with POR applied to the edge all around the windshield before final paint and reassembly. I will report back on how this goes.
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

Lot's of time rust around windshield was created by bad job with windshield re-installation, so be aware about, please.
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

I had to replace my windshield this summer due to a rock hit and they got the old one out w/o further cracking it, it was not the original winds(creen|hield) however, had a part number in the lower passenger corner. There was VERY LITTLE rust, I was expecting a disaster. I sanded and rustoleumed, but I hear rust never sleeps.

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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

To do this right!
We have done three so far!

Means removal of the windscreen/windshield and soda blast (Do not use sand blast techniques) the area to remove all rust, immediately etch prime the area, use high build to repair any surface divits, prep and paint & the area without breaking through the seal into the metal.

Then you will never see the rust come back --at least for the lifetime of the vehicle.
We have used Dupont Imron on one unit--looked nice when finished
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

My 2003 had this as well . I first removed the hood ( use two people!). I then scraped, wire brushed ( small hand wire brush and with a small "Dremel like" rotary brush), sanded then coated with rust mort . I then primed and painted by hand with a brush. I was able to pull the rubber back with a old putty knife ( smooth rounded edges) and get in a 1/4 inch to the lip. I used common nails every inch around the seal to allow air in to cure the primer and paint. This took several coats to get everything coated moving the nails each time. I will paint it again next summer. I have years of paint experience on homes at the beach in Santa Cruz CA. If you stay on top of it and maintain the top coat it should last a lot longer. I also wax it there and keep it clean. I used no body filler because I want to keep a close eye on it. It looks so much better, no scabs growing through the paint anymore.
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

Sounds like your leaning towards removing the windshield & that would probably be the way to go for best results. I did a DYI repair leaving the windshield in. Think my windshield was poorly replaced at some point. Donít know if my rubber gasket is factory or not but I was able to remove it and replace once I made my repairs. There is a drain channel around the edge of the windscreen that rusts if it gets plugged up. In my case some rubber spacers were set behind the windscreen and protruded out blocking the drain channel. I cut them away and spend a lot of time carefully scrapping and sanding all around the windshield, then applied rust solution liberally. The bottom was bad, went at it with a body grinder. On my first try I used a spray can to repaint, It was thin, messy, and didnít last but a year. I went back and did it again with more care (good for two years now) using Rust paint in a can, applied with a small artist brush to get a good thick coverage in the channel. Like Vic mentioned the bottom does not show so I did not use any filler expecting to maybe redo in a few year or maybe try Vicís suggestion of some sort of protective flat which may or may not trap even more moisture? While you at it I would check around the wheel wells and under the foot well liners a common area for more rust. See Photo. Good Luck, Tim.
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kenj356 (01-14-2014)
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Default Re: Bottom of windshield rust

I just had a body shop in Venice, California remove all the rust that had resulted from an inexpensive windshield replacement done 7 years ago. The windshield shop must have rushed and scratched the paint removing the gasket. Rust developed on the top edge mostly but was appearing all around. Fortunately I had just caught a rock and chipped the windshield, the ins. company paid for a new windshield replacement, the body shop did a good job of grinding out the rust, putting on a rust inhibitor then bondo to even out the surface before painting. I watched them squeeze out adhesive before putting in the new gasket then I watched one man easily lift the new glass and with the aid of one man to help guide the glass in, it was done. To do the job the shop also removed the hood in the beginning.

I hear that MBenz cars are prone to rust. I had rust problems with an '84 300TD.

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