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Default Help: Turbo louder than Normal, loss of power, CE Codes

Out of nowhere I lost power and CE light came on. I didn't happen to have my scan gauge so reset battery and truck seem to operate normal after that. Then today it did the same thing again loss of power, CE light on. Plugged in the scan gauge and got codes: P0087, 0673, 0672, 0671, 0380. They all seem to be related to the glow plug beside the crank position sensor code. But the turbo seems to be a lot louder than normal, once it gets over 7lbs it almost squeals.

What do you guys think is going on?
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Default Re: Help: Turbo louder than Normal, loss of power, CE Codes

I'm pretty sure the hoses or hose connections have a leak/split in the turbo charged air lines.
The loss of pressure causes loss of turbo power and LHM. The leak causes the squealing.
Check all turbo hoses from turbo resonator to EGR and if that finds no loose connection or splits, check the intercooler,
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Default Re: Help: Turbo louder than Normal, loss of power, CE Codes

Check the resonator also, it may have split at the seam and will be difficult to see.

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Default Re: Help: Turbo louder than Normal, loss of power, CE Codes

What does the scangauge report for MAP when you're in a "low power" situation?
If it's not boosting, then the ECM has probably decided that there's a leak and stopped asking for it.

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Default Re: Help: Turbo louder than Normal, loss of power, CE Codes

So, you are getting 7 PSI Gauge Pressure when you put the PID BST in your ScanGauge?
Depending on your altitude, that's only equal to ~ 20-21 PSIA MAP (What your Sprinter's systems actually look and and use to give you
the correct Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP).
At sea level altitude.... your MAP will read 14.7 PSIA at idle or with the engine off. (This is the ambient atmospheric pressure at sea level.
So your BST reading would be zero.
Add your 7 PSIG to the 14.7 PSIA (ambient @ sea level) and you get 21-22 PSIA MAP when it should be up around 34 PSIA.
Sounds like I agree with all the others here....you have a turbo boost leak somewhere.
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