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Default Rust - argh - anyone repaint?

I have a 2006 RS, love the vehicle. However, I have been battling rust spots for a while. I bought the vehicle used, has 130 K on it, and the vehicle as from VA, then MS, and I live in NC. Instead of continuing to patch rust bubbles when they occur, I am thinking of biting the bullet and repainting the whole vehicle. I had a few questions:
1) Anyone do this here? Or have any painting done in general? I wonder if RT would sell new decals (not that I love the decals, but otherwise I am driving a giant washing machine).
2) Any recs on Maaco? I called a local auto body shop which I have had good success with and whom I trust. When they heard the story, they volunteered that, given that I am not looking for show-level painting but just a rust-free vehicle, that I go with a local Maaco. They claim Maaco's top level paint is good enough. I have always been leery of Maaco however. Still, Maaco is half the cost of the shop I called.

I should say the rust areas are spot-only. There is no through -the - metal areas, and the rust bubbles come up unexpectedly. I suspect I have one of the Sprinters which was not prepped right (lots of posts here about this problem under the T1N forum).

I could sell the vehicle, buy another one, but honestly the money doesn't make sense to do so.

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Rust - argh - anyone repaint?

WE have a 2005 LTV, same problem. We shopped for paint shops. Most would not paint a rusted vehicle. I finally found a guy who still had some now-banned rust stuff. We had him paint the entire white part of the vehicle. All the decals are gone... don't mind driving a washing machine. The guy put a blue pinstripe between the white and the gold-colored lower part. People comment --- Sprinter looks good. I haven't posted a picture since the paint job. I can't even open my fingers wide enough to tell how much the job cost. But, we bought this dude new and want to keep it. If (when) it rusts again (we live near salt water), we will do something about it.
Baywood Bill

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