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Default starter relay has no power

I have a 2004 5 cylinder that all the lights and gauges seem to work but starter would not turn over. Checked on site and got lots of good info, had a mechanic friend help tonight tracing and we know the grounds are good. We jumped power to the starter relay on the side of the seat and could get the starter to turn the engine. It did not fire since it appears it is not getting fuel but we cannot find the relays that are supposed to be under the dash over the hood release. One of the write ups suggested that one of them could be the cause. This is on a Westfalia RV by Airstream on a 2004 chassis. We took power from the fan fuse block to power the start relay to prove the starter would function. We also do not have power on the 25amp fuse under the steering wheel. Any ideas
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Default Re: starter relay has no power

Download the 2006 Service Manual from here: http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/

Section 8W is the entire wiring diagram (99.9% accurate for your Sprinter)
One of the "8W" sub-sections covers the starting circuits.

The dash fuse block is centered under the steering wheel, not the hood release.
(look in your owner's manual, and the service manual).

There are also five or six fuses mounted on the starter battery post, too.

good luck
p.s. the "hood release" is for 2007 and newer NCV3's
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Default Re: starter relay has no power

Originally Posted by dspain1000 View Post
I have a 2004 5 cylinder that all the lights and gauges seem to work but starter would not turn over. Any ideas
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