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Default Wiring Diagram

Hi All:

I have a NAFTA 2004 Sprinter. I am having problems with my EGR Valve. I get the 2511-01 code (from the autoenginuity scantool) short to ground. I ran thru some tests but for the 2511 code and the final test was to put in a working EGR Valve. I bought a new on and put it in. I assume that it works. What happens is that when I turn on the key with the harness plugged in but the valve not installed the valve will open and close and that is it. From there I get a CEL and the turbo stops working and I am in LHM with the vehicle not going over 3k rpm. I disconnected the MAF sensor and the turbo has started working again but the EGR valve is not opening according to the scan tool. I would like to run a ground from the EGR valve directly to the battery post but don't know if this will upset something else. I have a 2005 manual but it shows the EGR Valve connecting to the ECM with four different modules. My ECM only has two modules. Does anyone know where I can buy a manual that has my specific wiring in it or can someone email me a copy of the EGR valve wiring diagram?

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Default Re: Wiring Diagram


and look for: 2006-VA-SM.pdf

that is the 2004-2006 NAFTA Sprinter Service Manual

04va-parts manual.pdf is the 2004 parts manual.

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