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The Kook Abides
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Default Throttle Position Sensor

Looks like I need to replace the TPS on my 2005.

Does anybody know if it is a dealer only item and how much they are? Thanks for the help.
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Default Re: Throttle Position Sensor

It will be cheaper through Berry: http://www.berrysprinter.com/sprinterparts.php

(i don't know if you'll find it non-dealer... that's what Google and the search bar on eBay is for...)

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Not Suitable w/220v Gen
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Default Re: Throttle Position Sensor

What's the difference between "Throttle Position Sensor" and the "Pedal Travel Sensor" integrated into the accelerator pedal (Dodge: 5135510AA / MB: A6393000704)?

2007 F/Liner 2500 Cargo Van, 144" WB, 3.92 Rear Axle Ratio, Buttons on the Steering Wheel, Contractor Package, Heated glass and seats, no spark plugs or windows in the cargo bay.

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