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Default Espar Coach Heater

The Espar coach heater Airtronic 4DS has a lockout safety mode which turns off the heater after so many failed attempts to start. To reset the heater, a special diagnostic tool from Espar is needed. There are three diagnostic tools available. One is primarily computer software which requires a computer. The second is a stand alone piece of hardware which can be used while the heater is running. The third and cheapest can do all the important diagnostics for our heater including resetting the lockout

These diagnostic tools need a cable or harness adapter to connect to the Airtronic. BUT none of these Espar harness adapters will work on our coach heaters because we have a unique setup. FIRST we do not have the optional diagnostic pigtail socket installed. SECOND our heater is mounted inside a metal box below the van so Westfalia cut off the Espar standard socket and wired in a new connector socket which clamps onto the side of the metal box. None of the Espar harness adapters fit this socket connector

The problem arises when service is needed such as unlocking the coach heater. The Airstream Service Center in Jackson Ohio has the Espar Edith software and a special adapter, but none of the Airstream dealers apparently have. The Espar dealer network consisting primarily of Thermoking dealers also do not have an adapter. Willing Thermo king dealers have serviced by dropping removing the heater and splicing in a diagnostic pigtail socket

Greg at lubrication specialist.com supplies Espar heaters to Sports mobile. He has serviced several of our Westfalia Espar Airtronic D4S heaters and extends the same special pricing for Sports mobile owners to us. First he charges a single flat rate total of $75 for labor to clean and repair plus parts. The disadvantage is you must drop remove the heater and ship to him. If the problem is elsewhere no way for him to determine by testing. SECOND he now sells the basic Espar diagnostic tool WITH a special adapter that will fit our unique socket connector. So you can reset the heater yourself as well as read fault codes. In addition he will sell the special adapter by itself which will hook up to any one of the three Espar diagnostic tools. This will be useful so that preliminary diagnostics and heater reset can be done by any. ESPAR dealer like Thermoking without dropping removing the heater and wiring in a pigtail. Prices are around $165 and $40 respectively. He plans to put on his web shortly.

The adapter alone is cheaper than what a Thermo king dealer will charge to figure out how to connect an Espar diagnostic tool.
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