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Default wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 12.01 soon to be released

The announcement:
The wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 12.01 is planned for release on May 21st, 2011. Please update your tool by logging in your wiTECH system to DealerCONNECT (or TechAuthority if you're not a dealership employee) and following the directions provided in the "wiTECH Update " web page.

It is very important for all users to keep their wiTECH Diagnostic Application up-to-date with the latest software version to ensure optimal functionality.

Note - It will be mandatory to update to the 12.01 version after June 10th, 2011 in order to download flash files.

Jon's commentary

This may be one of my final WiTECH postings.

This posting exclusively deals with the "factory" scan tool used for US/Canadian Sprinters, model years 2007-2009 (Dodge and Freightliner NCV3 Sprinters manufactured under Chrysler Vans, LLC, or DaimlerChryslerVans, LLC) as of 2008.

I've been in dialog with Chrysler through their business partner, WiTECH Systems.

The conclusion reached a few days ago is this:

Chrysler will not authorize WiTECH Systems to provide WiTECH software to any business or individual for use with WiTECH or StarMOBLE hardware sold by any entity other than WiTECH Systems.


Owners of the hand held scan tool StarMOBILE will be able to flash vehicles using the Star MOBLIE Desktop Client 10.x, the final release, for the foreseeable future with a subscription to Techautority.

If you purchased WiTECH hardware from a dealership liquidation, from an eBay seller or any other non-authorized venue, you are impacted.

The precise functionality of your WiTECH hardware and software is not known beyond this:

Rogue copies of WiTECH software won't interface with TechAuthority to download flash files. You'll probably be nagged to death about upgrading w/o the ability to actually upgrade.

I repeatedly asked Chrysler (via WiTECH, Chrysler's scan tool business partner) for a fee-based software license so that owners of WiTECH hardware (and StarMOBILE hardware) would be able to pay for the use of WiTECH software and continue on as usual.

The answer was: buy the Chrysler hardware/software package (the product called "WiTECH") from our business partner (WiTECH Systems) and you're entitled to upgrades.

Rogue hardware - hardware and software purchased from a business other than Chrysler's partner, WiTECH Systems - cannot be brought back into the blessed fold.

So if you're running WiTECH software and have been getting upgrades by subscribing to TechAuthority, and if you thought your subscription fees subsidized the development and support costs of WiTECH software, you (and I) were wrong.

Oh, and StarMOBILE desktop client will not work with WiTECH VCI pods, to the best of my knowledge.


PS: this posting has zero relevance to the following products: T1N Sprinters, 2010+ Sprinters, Dr. A's Diagnostic, Chrysler's DRB-III, Chrysler's StarSCAN or Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System.
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